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Learn to Talk Dirty During Sex: Some Examples

Any professional will tell you that one of the most important elements of talking dirty is to be comfortable with it. Unless you and your partner are comfortable and free with each other, you will not express your feelings as you should and you will not tell your partner what you want or what he should do and this renders dirty talking pointless. Consider talking dirty a secret between the two of you. As you learn to talk to each other, and know what your partner likes to hear or like to be told, you open a whole new world where only the two of you can explore.

I have a few examples of dirty talk phrases that you can use. However, these are intended to be guides only, the phrases and words you use should be dependent on you and your partner.

Examples and Tips

If you have not talked dirty before, it is probably best to keep it simple and basic. Some phrases I used when my boyfriend and I were just starting to get intimate are:

‘I feel so good honey; you make me feel so good’
‘Your body looks so sexy, is that all for me?’
‘Bring it on tiger. I am waiting for you to give it to me’

It is normal to get nervous the first couple of times you try to talk dirty but this is something that you will overcome in time. To avoid feeling embarrassed or shy, flirt with him over the phone or chat or even exchange sexts before you are together just to set the mood.

Perfecting the art of talking dirty is not hard. The moment you overcome the initial difficulties and it goes well with your man then there is nothing to stop you. Next, you can get even more intimate in what you say and expressing your emotions and feelings. Examples are:

‘Just looking into your eyes is turning me on’
‘I want you to slip your hand here and rub it for me’
‘Oh, yes baby, you’re the best’

Remember, one of the worst things you can do is overdo a dirty talk. Do not watch a porn clip and replicate everything the porn star says, you have to make it real and come from inside you. Sometimes a simple moaning goes a long way to encourage him and in turn please you because you are pleasing yourself as well as your man.

As a final point, confidence is very important but finding a professionally written guide is even more important. Collecting bits of information here and there may confuse you; it is better to find a wholesome guide with every tip, idea, note and step to follow in dirty talking that will train you from the ABCs of dirty talking to perfecting it.

Source by Maya Collins

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