LAST Sexy Funny Kitchen episode!

LAST Sexy Funny Kitchen episode!

We Broke Up, video: ★ MY FOOD STUDIO COMPANY ►



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Hey! I’m a 28 year old guy, living in Lisbon and loving Life to the fullest! You can Call Me Lorenzo. I run a Digital Food Studio in Portugal and I love to Vlog on YouTube. This is what I do, this is my Life.

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49 thoughts on “LAST Sexy Funny Kitchen episode!”

  1. Por acaso parece-me uma excelente ideia a questão dos vídeos á sexta. Teremos de facto mais tempo para arranjar os ingredientes e preparar. Ainda bem que aceitaram a sugestão em mudar 🙂
    Vão criar uma página de facebook só para o Sexy Funny Kitchen, à semelhança do que vai acontecer no YouTube?

  2. You guys are such trolls… I was prepared for terrible news because of that thumbnail, 7 seconds in and I felt both relief and disbelief. Really got me there, I have to admit.

  3. I swear when I read the title I felt a bit grievous and then I remembered that you guys are building a brand knew kitchen and hence I instantly smirked and knew that this is indeed the last sexy funny kitchen episode IN THIS KITCHEN 🙂
    please never stop being positive and making these videos and most importantly SPREAD THE LOVE WE REALLY NEED MORE OF IT.

  4. OMG….. I just gained 5lbs from just watching… How do ya'll eat all of that and not gain any weight?? I'm also curious as to why you buy any shirts cause you don't seem to be able to keep any shirts on??? And we're all very grateful that you don't…..

  5. Thank you for yours great sexy funny kitchen… I learn a lot with yours programs! and I'm ansious to see YOUR NEW KITCHEN!! Good LUCK and HAPINESS!!
    Kisses and hugs!!

  6. ainda não consegui identifica-los pelos nomes de cada um rsrsr… mas será que só eu percebi o quanto que o cara mais alto é APAIXONADO PELO OUTRO, ELE SEMPRER OLHA ELE DE UMA FORMA BEM SEDUTORA E DÁ TODA A ATENÇÃO E CARINHO PRA ELE.RSRRR LEGAL!!! PARABÉNS AOS DOIS!!!

  7. #LPQA hi guys der is awesome chemistry between you both people love ,caring nd naughty jokes ; )am tej frm india am a classical dancer i hav watch all of ur videos i love them all my Q/A is can u plz make a any twilight movie romantic scene plzz thnk u nd pedro drling love u always, lorenzo u hav lots of patients nd caring lov u guys nd am coming to ur country for masters see u soon lots of loveeeeeeeeeee cute smile nd eyes specially wn u
    smile pedro drling umahhhhhh byeeee : )

  8. pedro and lorenzo..I reallllly reallly love u..I started to cry kinda when watched this clip..u two are so amazing..and whenever i watch u two i can do nothing but smile..u should see my face a big fat smile..tnx for making me happy😍😍😍

  9. 'm 19 after my graduations…i wanna visit portugal just to meet you guys… talking in Portuguese with you, is one my dream now…🤗 [i've to learn it first😂]

  10. u guys are so awesome and very sexy…will support u guys till the end …love all your videos…im from Malaysia..u guys are made my day…I cant stop laughing watching u guys doing all the funny things…love yaa

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