Lahore Triptych

Tahir and I stayed at the Savoey Hotel, a 12 story hotel in Gulberg, Lahore, for three nights in March 2012. “Lahore Triptych” features 3 clips of what we saw from our 8th floor hotel room and from the 12th floor rooftop. The 12th floor rooftop includes a pool, open air patio dining, the Velvet Lounge (a mocktail and sheesha bar), and spa (sauna, hot tub, showers, massages).

Even from a 12th floor view, you cannot see the outer boundaries of Lahore, that sprawling city in the Punjab. Although you can watch the never-ending traffic on the Jinnah Flyover and on Gurumangat Road. And know that once your Savoey stay has ended, you must dive back into it.

Copyright: 2012, Tahir Sandhu & Gwen Williams. Video is shared with copyright owners’ permissions.

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