Kpop Music Mondays - B2ST "Shadow"

Kpop Music Mondays – B2ST “Shadow”

We talk about B2ST’s “Shadow” for this week’s Kpop Music Monday and warn you about the oncoming Kpop Apocalypse, the KPOPCALYPSE!

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40 thoughts on “Kpop Music Mondays – B2ST “Shadow””

  1. wow this was not funny nor had any serious criticism in it… It's sad that you didn't go beyond the apocalyptic set and the poor usage of English, those parts werent even funny :/ I mean it's such an unorthodox song, for example, noticed the absence of intrumental break in this song or the fact that four of the vocals are killing it with right on falsettos.. Just because it's kpop, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't appreciate artistry or amazing vocals.

  2. these people doesn't know how appreciate BEAST's Shadow!just another hater!other reviews of BEAST's Shadow did not make fun of the song and they gave a comment to it accordingly..!I thought EYK is a reliable review commentor but I was TOTALLY WRONG!

  3. I'm really sorry B2UTY's, I'm a Shawol so I don't really know anything about B2ST yet they are my second favourite boy band though! (cuz i find that they are very talented) But I'm really curious, is the band name pronounce BEAST or BATOOST? Because I'm just really confused O-O?

  4. Simon, it's beast, not batoost. The 2 is suppose to be 2 in korean ee, and I know you know it but, seriously….. Now I'm calling them batoost and I can't stop!!! You ruined my life!!! Just kidding, but I occasionally call them batoost because it's in my head lol

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