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Kiev Nightlife and Unlocking the Secrets to Meeting Real Kiev Women

When in Kiev, it is not unusual to hear Western men debate the best ways, places, and times to meet beautiful women who are nice and normal. They question what time of year is best to visit Kiev and where to enjoy it’s nightlife. They ponder the pros and cons of small town girls who relocated to Kiev versus those born and raised in Ukraine’s capital city. They wonder if they can meet their Ms. Right at a marriage agency and if they will only meet their Ms. Tonight at a dance club. The list goes on and on really but no matter what these guys contemplate, they almost always want to know about the best bars and clubs for meeting young hot Kiev women who also happen to be “real” (i.e. – nice and normal).

There are definitely some secrets when it comes to Kiev’s nightlife. For instance, it may surprise you to learn that the best nightlife in Kiev for meeting women occurs in the dead of winter (but not the first two weeks in January as most Ukrainians are still celebrating the holidays). This is because most Western men are unwilling to brave the cold and visit at that time. Since for whatever reason, Ukrainian men don’t usually hit the bars and clubs like their women, Western men will find the odds to be largely in their favor during the winter. In fact, it is not uncommon to find that there are ten ladies for every one man at a bar or club. This is especially true on “ladies nights.”

Ladies nights tend to occur during the week when business is otherwise down a bit. This means that there are a lot of University students and unemployed women in attendance. If you are a man more interested in women who are a bit older and have seen some of the real world, you will prefer Friday and Saturday nights out on the town. The best scenes for “real” girls as opposed to the gold diggers and prostitutes are the places that are not relatively pricey or there is a theme to that night. For instance, a club might have Latin Dancing Night or showcase a popular Ukrainian singer. The excitement in these bars and clubs at this time is usually palpable, putting the club goers in a good mood, which facilitates an atmosphere where women want to meet men.

Another helpful tip for meeting “real” girls out in Kiev’s nightlife, is to look for birthday parties or celebrations. Many of these real ladies simply cannot afford to go out often because clubbing is relatively expensive in Kiev. Therefore, it is very likely you can meet women who don’t normally go out on the town but for their best friend’s birthday party, for example. Men who are interested in meeting nice normal women at clubs should definitely approach these ladies who are out in a group celebrating.

Now that you know some things about using the nightlife in Kiev to meet nice normal attractive women, come visit my site to learn more specifics about all the best bars and clubs in Kiev.

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