Kendall Jenner's Close Call With DEATH THREATS & Naked Trespasser!

Kendall Jenner's Close Call With DEATH THREATS & Naked Trespasser!

Kendall Jenner was forced to increase her home security after two back to back terrifying incidents. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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42 thoughts on “Kendall Jenner's Close Call With DEATH THREATS & Naked Trespasser!”

  1. Doesn't she live in a gated community? I'm sure that isn't free. I can't even imagine paying so much for a home in an expensive area to have that happen. That is so scary. Some people are nuts…

  2. I feel so terrible for Kendall, I love her. She deserves her privacy and respect, you have to admit, celebrities are human beings. I really hope she’s ok and being safe. Kendall deserves the world and she deserves happiness and safety.

  3. For someone suffering from anxiety this must skyrocket everything. Make everyone a suspect. It’s difficult to be the person you were before you found out some Malik guy bought a gun with a bullet that had your name.

  4. I feel sooo bad for her 🥺 . I mean how stressful it would be to handle all these threats and knowing that someone is after her life and wanting to kill her.
    Nobody deserves to be harrassed in this way 😣 .

  5. I don't get it how people can be doing these kind of stuff like respect her a little bit. I get she's famous i get it she's rich as fuck but leave her alone. Leave every celebrity alone

  6. I feel for Kendall, she is such a beautiful strong woman and no one should ever have to put up with this. It is ridiculous that grown men and some women think they can do this it is just disgusting. Kendall has done nothing but is a real inspiration to lots of people and I know we all love her for that, also can we just talk about how fricking pretty Kendall is stay strong Kendall you will get through this ❤️.

  7. Even though Kendall Jenner put a restraining order aginst the guy. I hate to say this but its only gonna trigger the guy to wanna harm her or have someone like an accomplice with him to do harm against Kendall or send her death threats. She should update her restraining order after she moves

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