Karachi police fail to arrest muggers so far

KARACHI: Karachi police failed to arrest a single mugger so far despite spending 20 days after Rs7.5 million theft in Federal B Industrial Area, ARY News reported on Friday.

Twenty days passed, Federal B Industrial Area police failed to arrest the accused robbers involved in the theft of millions from the CEO of a private event management company, the alleged stolen money was provided by the Sindh government for a football event in Thatta.

Despite so many days having passed, not a single accused involved in the alleged robbery has been arrested so far, The investigating officer said the alleged robbery took place with the CEO of the private event management company.

The police reports say that the victim was going to hold the Bilawal Bhutto Youth Football Championship in Thatta. According to the victim, his mobile phone, Bank cards and checks of Rs7.5 million of the company were also snatched.

The citizen said that while leaving Karachi, his car developed a fault and stuck near New Karachi. Meanwhile, four accused men came and snatched all the goods at gunpoint.


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