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Just Started Dating a Girl – How Soon to Start Dirty Talking?

The answer is AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! I can’t stress this enough, but the way you set your sexual mood in relationship, that’s the way it’s going to be. If you don’t communicate to your girl that you’re adventurous in bed, she might form an opinion that you are a sex dud. You might be saving the “good stuff” for later, but what you’re really doing is communicating to her that you cannot give her the mind-blowing sex she craves, RIGHT NOW!

I am not suggesting starting hardcore with your dirty talk on your first intimate encounter. BUT, I suggest you set the theme that you are comfortable talking dirty in bed. Start with easy phrases that are universal such as: “you are so sexy when you do this”, “I love how you suck/f**k my ____ or “It turns me on a lot when you touch me like this”. These are very safe phrases and will not offend anyone. So you’re safe. If she seems to be into it, you can turn it up a little.

Don’t be afraid to let her know you are comfortable being verbal in bed. Encourage her talking to you, “Do you like how my _____ tastes?”, “do you want to feel me deep inside?”

Even if you’re not fully sexual, talking dirty in bed, will help you get there sooner. For example, if you are just in kissing stage, saying “I like your hot tongue all over me, I can only imagine how good it will feel on my body” and “I want to lick you everywhere, make you wet for me”, or “your body is so hot when it’s pressed against me, I want to feel our naked bodies touching each other…ummm you’re soo hot”.

Remember well known saying “flattery will get you everywhere”? Well, that includes inside her mouth, vagina and butt. Talking dirty to your girl for the first time is exciting. You can get crazy with this, if you want. Good chances she will love it, unless she is not very experienced or absolutely prudish… And again, please, I know it’s a new girl and you don’t want to fuck things up, but PLEASE, avoid asking for stuff!

DO NOT do this: “Can you please do a
?” What this communicates is that you are not sure about yourself. This is biggest turn off for a woman! Instead feel free to be bossy: ”
I want you to

, you are so sexy when you are



A little secret: any request followed by the compliment is really hard to resist. If you add “you are so hot/sexy/attractive when you do _____” then she will want to do that even more. Have fun.

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