Is Your Mom Sexy?

Is Your Mom Sexy?

“She would bite on the first date.”

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Sassy Cat
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38 thoughts on “Is Your Mom Sexy?”

  1. My mom is a hottie. I'm proud to look a lot like her 🙂 None of my friends ever hit on my mom but people asked if I had a new boyfriend when I went anywhere with my dad. Not because he was particularly attractive but because he still looks like he's 21.

  2. Some dude my age tried to hit on my married mother, and my dad gotten beaten up when he was young because some dude was jealous of his looks.. I guess you could say my parents are attractive

  3. my mom used to be a skinny legend she was and still is so beautiful she could have gotten any boy she wanted and my dad was short but handsome and such a gentleman and he still is. both my parents were attractive I'd like to think I got all their good qualities, now all I need to top it off is find myself a girlfriend or a boyfriend which i cannot do. 😂

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