"Is there a limit to greatness?" | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 8 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

“Is there a limit to greatness?” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 8 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted

The best in the biz pull up for The Shop Season 5 Finale! Sit back and join Actress, Producer and CEO Tracee Ellis Ross, Trap Superstar Anuel AA, & Actor, Producer and Writer Aldis Hodge, Marketing Executive Paul Rivera and Entrepreneur Maverick Carter. Tracee discusses the power of words and manifestation, Anuel reflects on becoming a superstar while in prison and Aldis gets real about battling imposter syndrome. Kick up your feet and remember… in the barbershop you can’t lie.

UNINTERRUPTED The Shop is presented by Grey Goose. 💈

(0:00) Intro
(1:12) Anuel’s chains
(3:30) Aldis on Black Adam
(6:27) Tracee and Aldis on taking jobs they didn’t want
(14:37) Anuel on his popularity peaking while in prison
(20:45) Tracee on why the pearly gates of Hollywood didn’t open after Girlfriends
(28:43) Tracee on growing up as Diana Ross’ daughter
(31:20) Aldis on imposter syndrome
(36:31) Anuel on what drives him to greatness

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24 thoughts on ““Is there a limit to greatness?” | The Shop: Season 5 Episode 8 | FULL EPISODE | Uninterrupted”

  1. Great interview and I hope he keeps reaching to the stars and keeps grinding cause this man don’t mis everything is un palo 🔥Anuel is the Goat bro to me he is the best & number #1 & no one takes his place El Dios Del Trap RHLM 💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Aldis is fine asf and needs to be in more things.
    I love Tracee.
    You may have a dream but nobody tells you, you have to pull it up the hill. Good one because that's soooo true

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