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Is My Woman Body Pious – Holy to Unholy Medley? Part 6

My dear readers I have tried to discuss with you about the real worth of a my woman body, but how women themselves are using this invaluable gift of the creator is worth debating once again in the light of changing females perception towards family and worldly pleasures. While viewing a late sixties Western film, I have by chanced witnesses that most of the old tribal clans of middle east were normally worshipping a female child as sign of prosperity and wealth not for the family but also for the entire clan. The men were morally obliged to protect a woman’s chastity and modesty. But in other British film, I have observed as to how kings, rulers and various clan chiefs were devising innovative ways to prevent their women indulging in unwanted sexual urging encounters while they were away on prolonged war excursions. Have these theses of West established any linkage with my view on purity of a woman pious body. Why such tales have not been recorded in Asian sub continent. Though, long and protracted war excursions of Indian, Iranian, Afghan, Chinese and South East Asian nations including Japan rulers have been recorded but those warriors were never worried about their women loyalty and fidelity.

Such tales of developing chastity protecting belts and under garments in Indian sub continent have never been recorded. In other terms, most of the Royal ladies of Hindu king’s, after Muslims had begun invading Northern India, used to commit suicide by burning themselves alive in fire, thus attaining martyrdom after defeat of their husband’s forces. As Muslim invaders ruffian Armies had invariably let loosed their lust tirade against defeated Hindu Kings women’s, the Royal ladies had often, rather being captured, committed suicide to avoid disrespect and dishonor from early seventh century onwards in Indian sub continent. Though, there are a few recorded incidences where many unfortunate Hindu kings’ women had fallen in the hands of invading Muslim Armies; but ultimately most of them had embraced death within a very short period of their captivity with hate, dejection and disrespect to their married life. Muslim invaders used to invariably organize local marriages with large number of captured women to fulfill their lust for the duration of their stay. Now days; the similar trend of marriages with wealthy Arab Muslim Sheikhs is still prevailing in Hyderabad and large number of Muslim dominated areas in Southern India.

Why those Hindu women, despite having the choice of leading good royal lives again with invaders, had preferred to committed suicide? I can purely attribute their decision to end their lives mainly to maintain the piousity of a woman’s sacred body with respect to their first married man. It is all because those noble women believed that after they were betrothed with any man, no other man had the right to have sex with them. What to talk of having sex, 99% women in Asian Sub continent never even allowed any other man their body even by chance. What were the logics of those women behavior? I believe that those women believed that their due to the virtue of giving birth to God’s reincarnation, their body is pious after marriage and only their husbands had the right to have sexual relationships to procreate, Those ladies were living with in the sexual needs of the sacred relationship of a couple. Do my readers agree that my woman body is pious?

I have had an opportunity to interact with over 10000 Hindu, Muslim, Bosnians, British and Sri Lankan Tamil and Singhalese women who were forcibly raped during various social upheavals in these countries and found that these women could never get out of the trauma of forced rape and disrespect to them. I found a woman who was so much shocked that she always refused to remarry with a fear of giving birth to a girl child. I have been illustrating a few enactments as to why my woman body is pious?

My woman of substance and essence is not the one who changes men like cloths or the one bikini woman of fashion ramp; but she is one pious idol of love affections, shyness and sacrifice who remains at the helm of social family. I can only term such females act as God’s original life path digression. These women had neither understood the true meaning of liberty nor correctly interpreted the purpose of their birth but most of the time they remained center of attraction for only uncivilized means of vulgarity and sex symbol of obscenity. Infact, though by virtue of their birth they possessed the body of my pious woman; but they have normally disrespected and dishonored a woman chastity and virginity. A woman of substance is one who understands that her body is not to earn her fame and wealth through sexual exploitations or posing naked like Madonna to earn millions through obscene ways; but her body is to be worshipped and revered as goddess mother of the creator. Such women, who have generally followed the path of nudity and vulgarity; and remained away from a civilized society, are relegated to second categories.

If we analyse a few European writer creative scripts, they had depicted very high character of a woman in most of their fairy tales. The Western orthodox houses including royal people have time and again tried to bring out the nobility of a woman sexual life. You will agree with me that until unless mother tells a child as to who is his/her father, no human being can actually know exactly about his/her father. If this is the power of goddess mother than what makes a woman body impious with your deeds. Most of the tribal in Australia, South Africa, Asia and India have exhibited great respect towards woman and always placed them as head of the family. Any exposure of body by woman in Islam and Santhal tribe of Middle India is prohibited by religion. This infact does not mean that woman in such religion do not have liberties or honor or they lack substance.

What a woman of today mean substance is to move on ramp covering minimum body with bra and draw (bikini), share high alcoholic contents and remain out working for over night shifts and getting threaten by rogues. Over 88% US women who work have shown fear of being sexually threatened. The number is nearly 25% in government sectors and over 62% in private sectors. Even 48% women in Muslim countries also become victims of sexual advances. What should a rogue do when a sexy dressed female surface from nowhere in front of him? While analyzing a few cases of rapes, I came across a very bizarre finding that 75% of all the men, who committed rape offence, were under high sexual mood after witnessing either blue porno films or seeing live ramp television telecasts of bra and draw bikini women fashion shows. Though most of the men felt guilty after rape, but had attributed blanking out of mind due to regular watching of porno films and sexy scenes in movies and television shows. One man before victimizing a middle aged woman had seen a porno film for over eight hours and when some one excited him to have practical, he committed the crime.

Once again, had my woman’s pious body been well draped in respectable attire; and there was no other woman to make porno using own body to earn and threatening other woman’s body to hooligans, this crime would have never been committed? Once again my woman’s pious body has been disrespected first by materialistic woman of substance and later by criminal of society. If you agree I would tell you as to how many signs of piousity exist in a woman body. My woman body is not a biological status of flesh and bones but the house of self realizations of eternity and the God. There are 36 different types of God and Goddess live in a pious body of my woman.

Source by S Kalpna Sharma

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