International Men's Day Debate

International Men's Day Debate

I took part in a debate in Parliament about the importance of celebrating the contribution that men and boys make to our families, communities and nation. I spoke about the importance to men of investing in skills and industry, supporting families and marriage and addressing the destructive impact of online pornography.


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  1. The interesting direction the debate went while missing the idea that being male in today's society, that 1 in every 5 suicides are women, resulting in 80% of all suicides being men, some would argue that is a good thing, the reduction in masculine traits within society which is seen as negative and should be stamped out, well it seems that the inequalities are leading men to ask, what is my worth if they can't answer it and spiral into depression and loneliness then there is a way out as 80% of suicides have demonstrated, and before the comments state I don't know what I'm talking about, the only reason I have of not throwing myself in front of a train is not wanting the driver to be upset about how they could have done something differently, I don't want them to feel bad

  2. Started well, then went downhill. That online safety bill is absolutely terrifying, yet it is being championed on such nonsense as what she is talking about.

    You can push that bill through all you like and there will be a thousand different ways to circumnavigate its intention of 'safety'. What won't be circumnavigable will be the punishments to individuals who are deemed to have done something 'grossly offensive'. We're seeing this with S127 of Communications Act 2003 and the Online Safety Bill will make it worse – see section 10 of the bill if you don't believe me.

    Marriage is a dangerous endeavour for men because of divorce. Divorce favours women in the courts from financial settlement to child custody, and it HEAVILY favours them (~80% of child custody goes to the woman). Again, men see this, see how there is no support for them, see how it is stacked unfairly against them, and they choose not to bother.

    I also find it very one sided you talk about porn and yet completely forego the mentioning of OnlyFans absolutely destroying boys/young men's expectation of women too. The 'simp' is a real problem – boys paying expecting that the girl on screen will get with them and yet we see nothing but positive media on how these 'entrepreneurs' are doing great things…

    Which leads me on to how boys/men are now actually in fear of approaching women. Why? Because they know that it takes but one accusation to ruin their lives. Thus, they consider the risk and know that it is not worth it so back to porn/OnlyFans they go.

    So whilst you started out well, you immediately dropped back to men are the problem, just with a little spin on the cause of the problem.

    The problem is you won't address these issues because that paints certain things that women have/do in a negative light and women must be continually free from accountability. Why? Well because of the past when they didn't have equal right. Ok, well, that'll work well for you and until you let that go and realise we're in the present, don't expect to solve these problems you speak of – you'll just make it worse.

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