Inside the NBA Reacts to the Knicks' 38-Point Win vs. Warriors | NBA on TNT

Inside the NBA Reacts to the Knicks' 38-Point Win vs. Warriors | NBA on TNT

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44 thoughts on “Inside the NBA Reacts to the Knicks' 38-Point Win vs. Warriors | NBA on TNT”

  1. abysmal coverage during the game. let's cut to 10 minutes of steph interview while his team is down 40. let's hear about iggys golf game while we're at it shall we?

  2. Poole as the best player on the floor for an entire game isn’t going to work in the long run. He’s inefficient and doesn’t do much of anything but shoot the ball a lot. 23 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 4 turnovers. He over dribbles and continues to throw up bad 3 pointers. All this while playing zero defense.

  3. Been saying since the end of last year when I seen him in person (his quickness doesn’t show through the tv for whatever reason) jalen Brunson gonna be giving your favorite team fits fora loong time. Dude is the truth

  4. Knicks dominated in 3-pt shooting , steals, rebounds, 3-pt Shooting: Knicks 42%, Warriors 34% Steals: Knicks 8, Warriors 3.
    Rebounds Offensive Knicks 14, Warriors 4, Total Rebounds Knicks 47 Warriors 29

  5. I love Inside the NBA but you guys should never handle another Knicks game, it was lazy and dismissive. Reggie Miller shouldn't be calling a Knicks game either, I wanted to watch the game on mute.

  6. This Warriors team reminds me of last season Lakers, everybody said don't worry they will make it and at the end injuries and losing easy games cost them. I'm not saying they are worse than the Lakers just that they should not overestimate their chances

  7. The knicks are aight. Mediocre, not as scary. It’s early in the season. Thibs defensive philosophy can’t work in the current nba cuz the rules favor the offensive player so he needs really good offensive stars to make everything work (See; Derrick Rose).

  8. Its not just warriors are losing these games, they losing in big fashion. This just shows abit the team was too built around Steph, cause even if your main player goes down, your team should be built to at least compete. Right now shows they haven't done this.

  9. 2,3 weeks ago when knicks played the Mavs that was the worst team I seen in a long time, just one on one basketball. Not sure how they play now or if its just their shots are falling. odd how quickly things turn

  10. They lost gp, iggy, and Otto. They can't defend. Nobody is talking about that. It's not the same team! They need a trade for defense. Myles turner for Wiseman. Maybe another trade for thybulle from the sixers or a 3 team. They need defense! You won't win a championship without stopping people.

  11. Klay’s done, he’s not the pre- injury player he once was. Draymond and Iggy old not a factor anymore and Steph will breakdown.. the young future players are not who we thought they were!

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