Imran Ashraf’s latest post aggravates Shaniera-Feroze spat

Casting pearls before swines, Shaniera Akram has found herself arguing with a bunch of deliberately ignorant people who do not understand that the safety of children is paramount and that an influential person should refrain from projecting such behaviours that not only adversely affect the audience but also put one’s safety on the line. 

For the unversed, the virtual altercation between the Aussie social worker and Lollywood actor Feroze Khan took place when Akram posted an Instagram story lambasting Khan for driving while his child was in his lap. This risky behaviour made her sick to her stomach so she posted a series of IG stories to knock sense into Khan and the ones unbothered about traffic rules.

The virtual spat took a sour turn when Khan retaliated with a rather tone-deaf message and told off Akram. Later on, actor Imran Ashraf was seen holding his child in his lap while he drove that ticked off the wife of former Pakistani cricketer – Wasim Akram.

Akram reposted Ashraf’s story highlighting how the Khaani actor’s actions have influenced others. 

Social media users have shown their support for Akram as she takes the charge to teach parenting and traffic rules.   

Ever since the virtual spat has come to the limelight, Akram has also been backed by a number of Lollywood celebrities who have appreciated her for raising voice while netizens have been calling out Khan and Ashraf for showing apathetic behaviour when it comes to being corrected. 

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