Iman Fatima's Success Story | PSARP Surgery

Iman Fatima's Success Story | PSARP Surgery

Iman Fatima, a three-and-a-half-year-old resident of Mandi Bahauddin, was born with anorectal malformation. She got her treatment done in a public hospital and a colostomy was performed as a part of the treatment. Her second surgery PSARP was done with the assistance of Transparent Hands back in February 2021. After this treatment, she contacted us for her final surgery, Colostomy Reversal. For this purpose, she was sent to Lahore Care Hospital to get her operation done by Dr. Bilal. The procedure was done on 01-12-2021. Iman was discharged after five days of hospital stay. She is now recovering and looks forward to a bright future.


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