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Ideas to Get a Guy to Meet Up With You! 7 Things Which Will Work Really Well For You

Asking a guy to meet up with you might be a bit too bold. Indirectly, there are ways wherein you can make a guy interested in meeting up with you without verbally asking him. Although most guys would appreciate to be asked out, some men still prefer to ask a lady out. So if he is not making any move, here are ways to make him ask you:

Call him
You can call him and ask him how he has been. Calling him will not only give him a clue that you might be interested but it will definitely cement this idea. If he does not get it at the beginning, then be patient enough until he figures it out.

Tell him about your trips and dates
While you must keep some of the dating details to yourself as you don’t want him to think that you are a player, you can at least tell him that you have been out that previous weekend or maybe have spent your vacation elsewhere. If you know a place he would be interested in, mention something about wanting to go to that place. If he gets the hint, he’ll surely ask you out.

Have the word approachable written all over you
Have an approachable personality so that he would not be to shy to come forward to you. Some girls can be intimidating to some men and, as a result, men are apprehensive in approaching them, much more asking them out.

Tell him you would be interested to know him more
Telling him this would give him some free space to do some moves. It’s a subtle way of saying “We should hang out some time.” thus you do not give him an impression of being aggressive.

Display your social skills
You might be known to be the life of a party, or a really interesting person, you might be popular around people, well, this is a great time to showcase those. He will be intrigued and maybe ask you out to gain answers to his growing curiosity.

Appearance does matter to him and just about any male on the planet
It would be one of his greatest motivators to ask you out. Men are attracted at first to physical beauty and, more often than not, physical attraction lasts longer than it should. Take time to look good especially if you know he might be around.

Let him know you are available
You have done your part in letting him know that you are interested, it’s also time to emphasize that you are single and would be ready to mingle.

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