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I Had Sex With Him Too Soon – Ways to Correct This Dating Disaster

“I had sex with him too soon.” If you’re saying that now you likely wish you had the ability to turn back the hands of time. Sleeping with a man too early in the relationship can be either momentous or disastrous. You can typically tell within days which way it will go. If he calls and wants to see you again, you know that the intimacy bound the two of you together closer. If he seems to disappear into thin air right after you two were together, then you know that it was a mistake. Understanding why men react this way is crucial to fixing the problem and getting the relationship back on track.

Although intimacy is a crucial and enjoyable part of any romantic relationship it can also make it or break it. The problem with sleeping with a man too soon after meeting is that he’ll make some very unflattering assumptions about you. It doesn’t matter how much he wanted the intimacy and how desperately he pursued you for it. Once you sleep with him, all of that desire will be satiated and he’ll focus more on the fact that you were so open so soon.

Men tend to be quite territorial and if they sense that you’re as willing to make love with all your dates so soon in the relationship, that’s a huge turn off for them. Just as women want to feel special when they start dating a new guy, he wants very much to feel the same thing with her.

So is there a way to back peddle and correct a mistake like this? There absolutely is. If you feel now that you slept with him too soon and he’s dropped off your radar, you have to act quickly. Although you may feel compelled to call him up and try and explain your behavior, don’t do that. If you do, you’re just pointing a huge spotlight at it. That will only serve to remind him of the fact that you were willing to have sex without really knowing him.

You need to move the relationship’s focus from one of sex to one of mutual friendship. You have to take intimacy out of the equation for the time being. For now, you need to put any romantic or desirous feelings you have for him aside. If you sleep with him again now, you’ll only prove his point that sex is your main focus.

Call him up and invite him out for a casual lunch or dinner. Treat him as a friend and ensure that at the end of the date, you don’t end up in his bed. Make a strong effort to get him engaged in interesting discussion so he can start to view you as someone who is multi-faceted. You need that to happen if you hope to have a chance at a well developed and balanced relationship with him.

Re-introduce intimacy once you feel things are on better footing. Once he sees that there’s more to you than just someone who enjoys lovemaking, he’ll be much more open to a relationship with you.

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