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How to Text a Woman – And Get Her to Feel Attracted to You

Very often you come across a situation in which you get a girl’s mobile number and would like to attempt attracting her through text messages. Text flirting is a skill that has to be mastered and without this skill it is quite difficult to survive in this world of advanced technologies. There are some points to be kept in mind while planning to woo a girl through text messages.

How To Text A Woman – And Get Her To Feel Attracted To You

Tip #1. Ascertain that your very first message will create an indelible impression in her mind – Even though there is every possibility that she may erase your SMS from her mobile, there is a fat chance that she may be thinking of your message through out the day.So the first lesson is to make your message stay etched in her mind. Always keep in mind that the first impression is the best impression even in the matter of texting.

Tip #2. Flirt through text – You have to master the art of flirting even in text messages which is sure to floor the girl over. The first step is to send short messages that indicate your intentions. It will be a great idea to give your girl a personal pet name which will almost make it feel like she is already your girl. Remember to mention some special feature or behavioral aspect that swept you off your feet.

Tip #3. Mail your offer on a silver platter – Following the sending of several texts back and forth and after bantering and flirting with her till you are quite satisfied, the next step is to invite her out for a date. Make it a point to go about it extremely informally so that she does not feel like backing off. And also text it in such a way so that she cannot refuse you.

All these tips are sure to make you succeed in winning over your girl through texting. Just making use of the correct psychology and following a slow and steady texting technique will surely result in a positive response from her. Remember to always get her to react to you emotionally – since a woman is driven by her emotions and not by logic.

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