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How to Talk to Women – Using “Deep Rapport” Conversation Tactics From Masters of Seduction

Listen up – if you have got problems talking or carrying the conversation with women, then you will never be good with them – period. If you want to score with the woman of your dreams, then you have got to make sure that she is excited to talk to you. Read on to discover the surefire tactics to create the excitement in the conversation, and in the process make her fall in love with you…

Tactic #1: “The Art of the Tease”. Women absolutely love to be teased (even though they may act that they do not like it!). Teasing is a good way to build sexual tension – especially done in a playful way.

Now there are things that are out of bounds when it comes to teasing. Don’t tease her of her religious or political views. Also, if she sports a 42 inch waist then you have got to steer clear of any topic associated with her weight.

Tactic #2: “Value Elicitation”. Note that you really do not have to talk that much – let HER do the talking and she will then feel that she is emotionally connected to you (for some reason). All you need to do is to ASK her the right questions – what she wants in life, for example.

NEVER ask her about her perfect man – chances are that you will fall short.

Tactic #3: “Hypnosis / Fractionation”. Other people may never tell you this, but the fact is that virtually all masters of seduction uses some sort of hypnosis in order to make women fall for them easily.

One such technique, called Fractionation, involves making the woman (or the ‘target’) experience an emotional rollercoaster through a conversation, so that she feels both positive and negative states. The seducer then associates her ‘happy’ states to him – and as a result makes her emotionally dependent on him. Very effective indeed, but highly controversial at the same time.

Source by Derek Rake

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