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How to Steal Someone’s Girlfriend and Have Sex With Her?

So you want to steal someone’s girlfriend. Don’t you? Maybe you first saw a girl and fell in love with her, unfortunately later you find that she already has a boyfriend.

You can steal someone’s girlfriend if she shows interest in you and there are some troubles in her current relationship. It will be very hard for you to steal her if she doesn’t show any interest in you and she is very happy with her current boyfriend.

Well, what genius people say is ‘Nothing is impossible in this world‘. So, try these techniques with positive attitude (remember that if she shows interest in you, then there is a big chance that you can steal her).

1. Find out what her boyfriend doesn’t have in the eyes of her – No one is perfect in this world. But it is human nature that we always looking for the perfect partners. So, what you need to do is to find out what her boyfriend doesn’t have in the eyes of her. Find out what are the things she always complains about her boyfriend. Now you need to do some hard work. You need to develop and achieve the things she is looking in her boyfriend. But never let her know that you are trying to make her your girlfriend. You need to keep patience and do work to make her focus on her relationship problems. Let me explain, if she always complains that her boyfriend never take her theatres, then you should tell an imaginary story in which you took one of your female friend (or your ex girlfriend) theatre.

2. Appear as a high status Sexual man – Do you know what women want from a man? Subconsciously women want a real sexual man who can create the opportunity to have sex. But they don’t want to be considered a slut, that’s why they suppress their desire of sex. So how can you appear as high status sexual male? Don’t verbalize that you are a sexual male, show it with you body language. Show the alpha male body language. You must increase your attraction in her eyes.

Maybe you are thinking that stealing someone’s girlfriend can be possible, but having sex with her can’t be possible at all. Let me tell the truth, it depends upon you and your inner game.

Leading her to sex can take months. And what you need to do all time is to improve yourself and appear as a high status sexual male. Also, make her feel comfort around you. And when you find she is frustrated because of relationship problems then it will be the best time for you to create an opportunity for her to sex. At this time you need to play with her emotions. Here you need a complete guidance from an expert.

Source by Alex J. Stevenson

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