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How to Solve the Problem of a Small Penis

A small penis is one of the three common sexual problems affecting couples. A large number of men were born with small and average penis sizes, and also a large number would love to increase their penis size if only they knew how to. So many areas of our lives we accept our imperfections but for men born with a small penile size the issue always re-occurs and this is a constant source of worry for such men. Also women don’t enjoy being penetrated by a penis that is small, almost all men know this instinctively.

For men with small penis the fear of rejection or ridicule is always in their minds knowing that even though chatting up a woman and asking her out does not involve having a big penis, when the time comes for the relationship to become more intimate the moment the woman sees his small genitals she would definitely be disappointed. Apart from avoiding any kind of relationship with women that may lead to sexual intercourse, men with small penis shy away from situations that involve showing their genitals like going to the beach or swimming pool, changing in a locker room or wearing their boxer shorts in the presence of people. These situations just remind such men of their inadequacies.

Now there are quite a number of things that women like in men, things like being tall, broad chest, handsome, charisma and a thousand and one other things. But these things can all be forgotten once a woman gets to know a man deeply. Sadly no woman can forget a small penis, as this would be a constant source of un-satisfaction to her in the bed. In simple words a small penile size would always be an issue, no woman can get used to a penis that is small because it gives very little sexual pleasure during sex.

Almost all men with small genitals have tales of how they were ridiculed about their small size by both men and women. But their most painful experience is usually that of a woman or women making comments about their small penile size. A large number of men have actually had relationship breakup due to their small size, it sometimes gets ugly for such men when the woman decides to tell her friends about his “tiny” penis and we all know how news spread before he blinks a lot of people know about his inadequacy.

Now are you worried about your small penis? You should begin looking for ways to solve this problem and avoid comparing yourself to highly paid male prostitutes on screen sorry I mean porn actors. These guys are well hung and are more of the exception than the norm. That’s why porn directors would search everywhere to get such guys so that they can sell more DVDs or get more membership fees as in the case of online porn.

The way you solve your small penis problems is by actually increasing the size of your penis. No not penis enlargement surgery. That’s too expensive and too risky. Methods like penis enlargement pills and penis enlargement exercises are a lot safer and less expensive. When these two methods are combined they give you permanent gains in the length and girth of your penis. With penis enlargement exercises you would have to wait for nothing less than six months to achieve about one inch increase to the length of your penis but in combination with a penis enlargement pill you get a bigger penis in lesser time.

These two methods are also called natural penis enlargement, due to the fact that the penis enlargement pills are mad from herbs and the penis enlargement exercise utilize only your hands. These two methods also assist in combating the problem of premature ejaculation.

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