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How to Seduce a Woman Right Into Your Bedroom

When seducing girls, you need to have a single goal in mind: to change her reality and make it appear like you are the only guy who can satisfy her, physically and emotionally. To truly seduce a girl, serious skills would be needed. It isn’t simple, but if you read on, you can find out several tips that can help you turn into an expert artist of seduction in no time.

How To Make Girls Want To Jump Into Bed With You – Find Out Amazing Techniques To Get Her Into Bed

Technique 1: Do Not Try To Get Her Phone Number. Get A Date.

If you choose to ask a girl for her number, there is a big chance that attraction levels will just dissipate. The problem here would be that she might meet tons of other guys before you actually talk to her again and they may be more impressive than you, making her lose total interest in what you have to offer. If you ask her for a date straight away, on the other hand, there will be that chance for you to get things going straight away by inviting her someplace else.

Technique 2: Create A Persona Of Mystery.

When you meet up with a girl, get on the exact same wavelength, so that she will feel as if you have known each other for ages. After she gets an image of you being a sweet and sensitive guy in her head, do something totally unexpected. Embrace her or kiss her passionately to throw her on a loop. After that, she will have seen two completely different sides of you, which will intrigue her and make the overall attraction grow.

Technique 3: Mesmerize Her Through Subtle Seduction.

Seductive hypnosis, or “fractionation”, would be a fast way to make girls totally fall for you. Related to the NLP field, it works by sending girls on a thrill ride of emotions as you talk for a short while. If done properly, it can connect any positive feelings she has for you and make her feel as if her world would end without you.

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