How to Make Your Voice Charming and Sexy. Voice Training. Advice from Natali Makhno

How to Make Your Voice Charming and Sexy. Voice Training. Advice from Natali Makhno

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How to make your voice charming and sexy? The 3 simple exercizes for beautiful & sexy voice from Nataly Makhno
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Hello, guys! My name is Nataly Makhno.
I am a public speach and voice coach, in the past I had worked as a TV shows author and broadcaster, as well as a radio DJ and a teacher at the TV school.
If you want to improve your voice fast and effortlessly, make it sound beautiful, charming and sexy – this video is for you.

It takes only 3 minutes. Just repeat these three exercises and people will listen to you with attention, open mounth and holding their breath.

My personal research as well as that of the scientists show that men and women prefer to listen to:
1) low deep voice
2) relaxed voice
3) voice with a little smile. And it doesn’t depend on the speaker’s gender.

So, let’s start with the first exercise.
We are going to make our voice sound relaxed and free.
To do so, we need a yawn!
When we are yawning, our larynx is relaxed, as a result our voice becomes relaxed, without clamps.
Let me show you how a “clipped voice” sounds: «Hello, guys! My name is Nataly Makhno».
And a relaxed voice: Hello, guys! My name is Nataly Makhno».

So, now we are relaxing the larynx: lets make 5 yawns with the closed mouth, and 5 yawns with the open mouth.
Yawn, try to release appropriate sounds. Yawn tasty and heartily.
If you are watching this video at your workplace and your colleagues caught you, tell them: I’m not just yawning, this is an important exercise for the beautiful voice. And invite them to join 😉

Let’s move on to the second exercise – now we are going to make our voice sound low, deep and soft.
I call this excercise «Jim Carrey».
Do you remember «Yesman» movie with Jim Carrey?
He was saying, «Yes!» to all the proposals he was receiving.
And so, we also say «yes». Like Jim Carrey. But without opening the mouth. Like this: «ugu».

Begin the exercise with a comfortable note and slowly descend down to the lowest note.
Drop the voice to the lowest possible note.
At the end you’ll have an exhalation with a small addition of sound.
Let’s do it together «ugu». For maximum effect, do this exercise 8 times.

Let’s continue, and now we will do a nice low and expressive voice with the “Rollercoaster” exercise. By the way, this exercise also helps to develop a good voice diapason.
Get ready, now we are going to roar.
We start with a comfortable note and growl to the highest possible note. Then our voice slowly rolls down.
Try to roll your voice down to the maximum. At the end of the exercise you should hear a sound, like a cats purring.
I will show you now: «r-r-r-r-r-r». Repeat this exercise 8 times.

At the end, let’s add a bit of a sexuality to our voice with the help of a half-smile.
What is a half-smile? It is your big smile, but 2 times smaller.
When a person speaks with a half-smile, their voice sounds more friendly. Such voice is credible.
And it has a distinctive «intimate sound». This is a well-known trick to the radio and TV broadcasters. When those guys need to speak with a «sexy voice», a half-smile appears on their automaticly.

So, these are the three simple exercises, plus a «half-smile» – that’s all you need to sound lovely and sexy.
Do these exercises right now and you will see their efficiency.
You can write in the comments how your voice has changed after this little warm-up.
I will be happy to hear about your progress.
If you like this video, you know what to do next 😉 and don’t forget to share it with friends! By!



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  1. I really want to work on the sound of my voice English is my second language but I've been told I sound like Rosie Perez sometimes when I leave a voice recording which I try to avoid I do hear the resemblance and I think it's kind of annoying so I'm trying to talk a little bit slower and softer and I do notice a difference very helpful video thank you

  2. Well well hello this girl is amazing it's you she's so pretty to look at that body that's it takes a while for her to get too attached I'm not that impatient but I mean you know if I'm going to get going to hear for talk in circles light at night she needs to put lock up bikini on then. Hey I watch the hour version

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