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How to Make a Woman Orgasm Quick – Tips to Have Her Screaming With Orgasmic Pleasure Very Fast

If you want your girl to worship you, to stick with you through thick and thin, you need to learn the techniques on how to make a woman orgasm quick. Many women are left disillusioned because their husbands or boyfriends do not know how to satisfy them in bed. Most of the time, they will orgasm really fast and sleep, leaving the woman feeling used up and unloved.

If you’re this kind of guy, it’s about time you change your ways. Learning the tricks on how to make a woman orgasm quick can have tremendous impact in your relationship. The first trick on how to do it is to make her anticipate a night of steamy passion. Hours before the sexual act, call her up at her office and tell her how much you love her and that you’re planning a little ‘different’ tonight. This will make her all giddy and excited and that feeling will add much weight on her ability to orgasm.

In bed, kiss her passionately while slowly undressing her. Kiss her all throughout, very slowly, and make sure you cover pretty much every part of her body. When it comes to the vaginal area, fondle and kiss it like it’s a very precious thing to you. A good fifteen minutes will stimulate her enough to scream your name out loud. Then slowly enter her and exercise restraint during pumping. Allow yourself the luxury of staying inside her without coming too quickly. And when she says she’s about to explode, make an effort to join her. There is nothing more heavenly than having simultaneous orgasm with the woman you love.

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