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How to Make a Man Chase You After You’ve Had Sex? His Interest Won’t Die Even After You Had Sex

You’ve had the best time of your life with the guy of your dreams but you don’t want him to be around you just for the sex. If you want to know how to make him chase you after you have had good sex for other reasons too, then take a look at these tips that will guarantee that he will chase you because he is falling in love with you.

Make the sex memorable
In the first place the sex you have with him should be memorable and not something he would experience with a one-night-stand. Make sure that you communicate feelings that are genuine and honest so that he does not feel used in any way. This way he will always want to continue to have a relationship with you.

Become busy and unattainable
The trick is to make him feel that he could lose having you. Be friendly but also have a busy schedule so that he realizes that you have other things to do rather than wait patiently for his call. Let him see you enjoying yourself with other friends and he will want you even more and will continue to chase you.

Ignore his hints
If you feel that all he wants is sex because of the broad hints he keeps giving you – then ignore those hints and signals. Be courteous and let him know that even though you had a great time with him, you don’t want to continue a physical relationship for now. This will make him frustrated and he will pursue you like crazy.

Let him know that sex isn’t everything
As soon as you get the chance, be open and let him know what are your feelings are. Show him that you are much more than just someone to have sex with! Once he knows that he will be more aware of different parts of your personality and begin to fall in love with you. This will make him chase you more.

Be sweet, sexy and stimulating
The more sweet, saucy, sexy and stimulating you are the more he is going to want you. Make him remember the night you spent together and then play a little hard to get. This way you can be sure that he will keep on chasing you.

Be uncompromising and unrelenting for a while
No matter how much he tries to catch you and get you to go to bed with him, be unrelenting and act a little stubborn. Don’t overdo it and ignore him completely or else he will lose interest completely and pursue someone else.

Look sexually desirable at all times
Make sure you are physically alluring and tempting at all times. This will make him remember how gorgeous you are and he will want an encore of the last time you spent the night with him. Be the carrot at the end of the stick and lure him into chasing you. The more attractive you are to him the more determined he will be to chase you.

Source by Krista Hiles

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