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How to Make a Girl Want You – 3 Steps to Pick Up Any Girl You Want Every Single Time

Just imagine how it feels if you have the ability to make any girl want you. What if you have the power to pick up any girl you want every single time without fail? I will be pulling your leg if I tell you that there is that one secret pill that will make you the totally irresistible to women.

However, the truth is that there are certain ‘magic’ techniques that men successful with women use with amazing results. Over the years I have patented a three-step system which I use to pick up any girl I lay my eyes on – with deadly effect.

My own success rate using this system has been around 80% – meaning 4 out of 5 women I approach would respond favorably by giving me their phone numbers.

Here’s the 3-step Derek Rake patented method of picking up women….

Step 1: Capture her attention. Many pickup gurus out there advocate “peacocking” – meaning dressing outlandishly to stand out from the crowd. I am indifferent to this technique – because I believe that all you need to do in capturing attention is to bring ample “social proof” with you.

Step 2: Overcome your approach anxiety. Once you get her attention, go ahead and talk to her. You have absolutely got nothing to lose, and all to gain. There are specific steps that one can take to overcome approach anxiety (which is an entirely separate topic of discussion altogether), but the easiest way is this – approach 20 women tomorrow on the streets. Your approach anxiety will disappear, I guarantee it.

Step 3. Leave her. Once you captured her attention and started talking to her, WALK AWAY. Say that you need to go back to your friends. While you are walking away, turn around and ask for her number. Hand her your cellphone and get her to punch in her number. 8 times out of 10 this works like a charm – trust me on this.

Source by Derek Rake

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