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How to Make a Girl Feel Comfortable in Your Place

One obstacle that a lot of men have trouble with is making the girl feel comfortable and at ease in their place. This shouldn’t be a problem. If you have properly shared time building comfort and trust with the girl, but sometimes even if you have they will be a bit hesitant and nervous. There are two major things you can do to ensure a girl will feel comfortable in your house.

1. Have a Nice place.
2. Assume she’s been there before.

Now lets talk about what I mean by ‘Nice’. Money doesn’t mean anything in terms of getting laid. Unless your in to superficial women, you won’t be getting any more action simply because you have a mansion. Having a Nice place means having a place that follows the triple C’s. Clean, Comfortable, Cozy. You can have a multi-million dollar mansion that doesn’t follow the three C’s and will not be great for bringing girls too.

A gigantic crack house is still a crack house. When your place follows the three C’s, girls can allow themselves to go into Fantasy mode. They see themselves lounging around in your place, totally comfortable in their pajamas or something. They love it. Basically, if a girl can’t see herself fitting into your lifestyle, then she is way less likely to have any more then a one night stand with you. This is fine if you aren’t looking for anything more than a one night stand, but if your looking for more you will want to help her fall into this fantasy mode. Try to visualize a really hot chick lounging in a messy room, where she is nearly covered in garbage. Pretty hard huh? Almost NO girl would do that. So keep your house clean. This is rule number 1. Girls will feel that your unclean house reflects an unclean lifestyle in general.

Going out with your hair all messed up will have girls deducing that your life (not just your hair) is in shambles. A house does this ten times more. Comfort and coziness are also really helpful to making girls slip into fantasy mode. When you have nice furniture (comfort) and soft things like throw pillows (coziness) laying around, girls can visualize themselves relaxing in your place. Thats a very great place to put a girls mind when shes in the house of a new friend. Remember again that money is not necessary here.

A few throw pillows or a comfortable couch can be purchased cheap. Put a little thought and time into designing your place and it will make it just that much easier to have girls in your life in an abundance. The other great way to make a girl feel comfortable in your place is to bring her in with the mindset that she has already been there before. When you bring your good friends over, you don’t walk in and say “Okay, this is the living room. This over here is the guest bedroom.” and etc.

You just walk in and plop down on the couch. You should do this with a new girl too. If she needs to know where something is, she’ll ask. Most of the time they will just plop down right beside you. A great technique to add to this comfort level is to have a “no shoes in the house” rule. When you walk in just say “shoes off” and kick off your own shoes. She’ll not only feel more comfortable but now she knows shes staying for a bit. 😉

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