How To Have a Sexy, Confident Voice - Voice Tonality and Ideophones

How To Have a Sexy, Confident Voice – Voice Tonality and Ideophones

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Are you looking for some tips on how to make your voice sexier, or sound more confident when telling stories or talking to people? This video will teach you a couple ways to improve your voice (at least in your opinion) by teaching you about voice tonality, ideophones, and sound symbolism. Voice tonality plays a big role in how others perceive you. Learn more about the 3 different tonalities that you speak in and which ones you should avoid.

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Something else that helps is listening to your voice. I used to think my voice sounded so weird, but after hours and hours of messing up in scripts, editing scripts, and listening to my own videos, it’s normal and I gained a whole lot of confidence in my voice and how I speak. Narrating things, just for practice, helps me articulate things much better, and in turn has greatly increased my speaking skills. After I tell a story a couple times, you get more confident in telling it, anticipating how people will receive it, and what parts to emphasize and what parts not to. Talking, telling stories, and just having a conversation is like any other skill, practice and proper knowledge on the subject will help immensely. Check out the Bouba Kiki Effect, or ideasthesia for more information on these topics.

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29 thoughts on “How To Have a Sexy, Confident Voice – Voice Tonality and Ideophones”

  1. "you sound like a little btch"
    Doesn't have the same ring to it when said by some little pimple-rancher who is clearly trying hard to sound like he got a deep voice.

  2. how do you believe some random vitamin to create videos that you need to riff off of? present the information yourself and quit trying to stand on the shoulders of giants as you point out the giant.

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