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How to Get Her Back – 3 Unconventional Tips to Help You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Are you sure you want to get her back? Do you truly love your ex girlfriend or are you emotions over the break up just driving you crazy enough to make you believe you should get her back even though you know its an unfit, safe, and unhealthy relationship.

Do you only want your ex girlfriend because of the benefits? Or are you willing to go the distance and use these three unconventional methods to win her back. If you are willing to put in the work, this is how to get her back.

How To Get Her Back Tip #1

Regardless of what you feel you should do or say to get your ex back don’t do it. Don’t even think about calling, begging for a second chance, sending text messaging, spying on myspace, Instant Messaging, or popping up at her house. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back do not make contact with her for at least the first thirty days. Give her some time to cool off. Let her deal with the break up in her own way.

There is no reason to make her feel guilty or her making you feel guilty. This gives you both time to reflect on the relationship, find ones faults, and allow her to miss you. This is very powerful so use this time to clear your head. However if your ex call you don’t blatantly ignore her phone calls or attempt to get her back. If the conversation starts to go sour, and she starts chewing you out calmly let her know that you have to go.

Kill her with kindness and she will feel sorry for saying things to intentionally hurt your feelings. Don’t try to be funny about it or she will only get pissed off more. Listen to her, be sincere with what you say and polite if you want your ex girlfriend to come running back to you.

How To Get Her Back Tip #2 (You Sneaky Little Devil)

This little trick is one of my favorites. If you want to get your ex girlfriend back make her family and friends fall in love with you. This highly effective tip can have her back in no time. So check it out, this tactic works wonders if you are already tight with her friends or have mutual friends. What you want to do is be the happiest, sweetest and most outgoing friend they have ever had. If you are all sad and depressed over the break up now is the time to suck it up and be a man. If you are chilling with her girl friends just keep it funky and be everything they wish they had in a man.

Let them see the qualities in you that they wish their husband or boyfriend have. Just be the coolest person they ever meet. Sooner or later a little bird will go singing to your ex about how happy you seem and how much of a great person you are. The may even say “Girl you need to get your man, my boyfriend doesn’t do half the stuff you man does, you better grab him before someone else does.” Some how some way it will get back to your ex. It’s almost sinister to do but it easier then taking candy from a baby.

How To Get Her Back Tip #3 (You Sneaky Little Devil)

Believe it or not if you can make your ex girlfriend jealous you can get her back. Think about it, if you can make her jealous and she has something to say about it, it is obvious that she still has feelings for you. It all boils down to emotions and jealously can bring out some of the deepest emotions in a person. If you can make her jealous she will do whatever it takes for you to notice her.

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t go out and have sex with every girl I laid eyes on to make her jealous but a simple flirt every now and then won’t hurt. Go on a date with someone she knows has their eyes on you. You don’t have to go all out with romantic candles and sparkling champagne, but just do it to keep your mind of your ex and to have fun.

Source by Patrick J. Smith

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