How to Get ANY Girls Phone Number in 60 Seconds

How to get a girls phone number in 60 seconds and why you have not been successful at getting their phone number…up until now!

Just about every day good-looking girls get approached by guys who want them for sex. Most of these guys are not very good looking which is not the most important thing in the world as you will soon see. Almost none of the guys that approach girls are graceful in their approach.

The first thing you have to understand in order to get a girls phone number is you have to understand her frame of mind in terms of what she goes through.

How would you feel if every single day you were approached by five to 10 different women most of them not so good looking and almost all of them having stupid things to say like “hey baby I bet your big between your legs”. If you do not get much action your first thought is probably “I would love that!” Believe me you would tire of it quickly and an attractive looking girl is very tired of it.

At this point you may already be appreciating why women seem to have such a defensive attitude when you approach them and try to get their phone number.

Read on and you will see how to quickly break down these barriers and get on their side of the fence. In a matter of 60 seconds or so you will be able to get their phone number and their e-mail address.

Step #1 to get girls number:

Approach the girl. Now that was not obvious was it?

My personal favorite place for meeting a girl and getting her phone number is the grocery store. The reason for this is it is a place where she or will feel comfortable because there are plenty of people around she will feel safe. The second reason a grocery store is a great place to get a girls phone number is because you can tell a lot about her before you open your mouth. For example what kind of food is in her grocery cart. is that a lot of junk food? if you are a health food nut may be approaching her is not the best idea. Is there a lot of health food? Again if you are into junk food may be a match is not there. Do you see diapers in her grocery cart. Pretty good chance she has a kid. If you hate kids again maybe not such a good match. And last but not least the girl pushing the grocery cart has both hands on the handle so you can easily see if there is a wedding ring there or not.

A great opener when you approach the girl would be something along the lines of “gee, I am a single guy who does not know much about cooking” kind of question. It does not have to be an overly witty or bright or brilliant question which takes the pressure off to be bright or charming. If, for example, she is near bread and grabbing a loaf of whole wheat bread you could say “do you really think whole wheat bread is much healthier than white bread like they say in the news.” Or if she is grabbing a box of pasta say “Do you know of a really great pasta recipes that do not include tomato sauce?” Anything to get a conversation started.

Step #2 to getting a girls phone number

The next step to getting the girls phone number is to imitate her.

When human beings attempt to make bonds or friendships with other human beings there are two factors they consider. The first is physical attractiveness. This is true even with just friendships. It is of course especially true when members of the opposite sex are attempting to meet.

The second most important factor when making in making the decision or the attempt to befriend another individual is we ask ourselves how much is this person like ourselves. Ultimately most of us look to form bonds with people that we feel are as much like ourselves as possible. It makes us feel comfortable and validates who we are and it reinforces the idea that we are going to have a good time for this person because “this person understands me”.

Now the way most people attempt to form a sense of bond or likeness with another person is by using the phrase “me too” or similar. For example one person says “oh I really hate the hot weather” the other person responded “yea, me too.”

This is attempting to create a connection using words. Did you know that non verbal communication or body language is 2 times as powerful at creating a sense of bond than words? The idea here is when talking with the woman you are attempting to get the phone number from you want to make her feel like you two are very similar in that you are a lot alike.

Do not do it with words do it with body language. This psychological principle is referred to as mirroring. The way it works is you imitate her. Not like a monkey doing exactly the same thing she does could then you will just look like an idiot. Do it subtly. If she brushes her hair with her hand you lift your hand up and touch you head in some fashion. Again not in the same exact way she does but similar. If she talks rapidly you talk rapidly. If she talks slow you talk slow. If she is standing a certain way you stand in a similar way. At an unconscious and very powerful level she will feel like you two are very similar. Mirror or her effectively and getting her phone number will be like taking candy from a baby.

Step #3 to getting a girls phone number

This next psychological principle is called anchoring and here is the way it works. Get the girl in a positive and happy state of mind as quickly as you possibly can. Get her laughing and enjoying her conversation with you. This can be the most difficult part of the whole process, especially if you are at all nervous or uneasy about getting a girls phone number. Again this step is not absolutely necessary to get a girls phone number but it definitely helps. If this seems difficult to you and you feel nervous about it do not fret. Believe it or not my fear of women and approaching them was so strong that I was a complete virgin up until three years ago! the reason you want to get a girl in a positive and upbeat state is to prepare for the next step which is…

Step #4 to getting a girls phone number..walk away!

This is most important step in the whole process of getting a girls phone number

As soon as you have her in a positive and upbeat frame of mind enjoying the conversation with you immediately say “I have to get back to my friends. it was nice meeting you” and immediately walk away. The reason for this is you want to shock her and make yourself look totally different from any other guy that has approached her.

Think about it. You have her in an engaging and interesting conversation and in the middle of it you leave. What do most guys do they try to get her phone number? They asked her for it. You on the other hand, in the middle of a good conversation, have turned and walked away. Immediately she is going to be scratching her head wondering what went wrong. She will be puzzled and confused and asking herself “why didn’t he ask me for his my phone number” “why did he just leave in the middle of the conversation”.

You have accomplished what most guys do not.

You got her thinking about you. Now after you have walked away and have taken about 10 or 12 steps away from her stop, turnaround and say “What is your email address?” Do not ask her if you can have her email address. Just ask her what it is and hand her the pen and paper that was in your pocket. (we must come prepared). There are a variety of psychological principals behind this and to find out more just look at the full version of how to get a girls phone number. It is totally free and there is no hitch at all.

While she is writing down her phone number say “While your at it jot down your phone number”

Is this method of getting a girls phone number going to work EVERY TIME?

No. nothing works every time. However using this method of getting a girls phone number WILL work a LOT more often than just any old way of getting a girls phone number. To be successful practice. Especially practice the mirroring part.

After you have practiced this technique 10 or 15 times you will be a master at it. And if your totally serious about meeting lots of women do not restrict yourself to any one method. You should also meet girls online as well.

Source by Dan Appleman

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