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How to Get an Ex Boyfriend Back – 3 Steps to Get Him Back

To get an ex boyfriend back, you must first know the reason why he left. He may give you a lot of reasons to justify the break up, but there is one universal reason why men leave women. Whatever the specific reason, your boyfriend may be giving; it will always be rooted in this single reason.

The reason is “Lack of ADMIRATION”. Every man or boy seeks admiration from his girl. That doesn’t mean you should always be looking up to him, but explaining him, how great you think about him occasionally would suffice his desire for admiration will stick with you forever. Now that you have broke up and want your ex boyfriend back, lets see about the 3 steps you should follow.

Give him and yourself some time:

Don’t call him back and start arguing or begging for him to be back with you. That’s not going to happen anyway immediately. All this arguing and begging you do will only show yourself as some desperate person lacking self respect and dignity. Imagine yourself as such kind of person. Do you like yourself being seen like that? How do you expect your ex boyfriend to get back with you after showing yourself as such a invaluable person. This may seem common sense, but as you are in an emotional imbalance after the break up, you will have a intense feeling to call him back. Resist that and keep moving.

Analyze and improve:

First, decide if you really want him back. Tabulate all the positives and negatives of your past relationship and analyze whether you truly love him. If your relationship was full of arguments and hatreds, then it’s better to leave that relationship. But, if you find it’s worth pursuing and you are still in love with him, start tabulating all the things which eventually led up to the break up. Now that you know what caused your relationship to fail, improve yourself on that. Commit yourself to improve yourself. Until you are confident that you have changed positively, don’t call him back.

Time to call him:

All this time you should have never called him, you should have made yourself busy in other productive works such that you were not available at his disposal. You should have made him miss you. Only after making sure that you are no more desperate to get him back, should you call him (it will show itself if you are still desperate). Just talk as a general friend calling him for some coffee. Talk about all the things in this world except you and your relationship. Make him feel the change in yourself. If you have really changed, you need not do anything it will show for itself, how valuable you are now to him. Build great friendship and eventually he will himself ask you back or you can ask him back, just like that.

So, we have seen the 3 steps which when executed with patience and sincerity will get your ex boyfriend back.

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