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How To Get A Guy To See You More Often? He Will Naturally Want To Be With You More From This Point

You’ve begun to date a guy, and are really attracted to him. Unfortunately, he’s always taking his time to ask you out, and as he does, he does it in a way that makes you unsure of how he really feels. If you want to exercise your power to make him ask you out on a more regular basis, here’s what you must do.

Maintain Your Beauty-

You don’t need to have the perfect body to be an undeniable force in his life. Just work on your cosmetics, having nice skin, luminous hair and a big warm smile. Men aren’t that big on the super hot looking chick. They know that these types of girls are too much to please, and they’d rather do without it. They prefer an easy-going girl, who is comfortable with herself and is stylish. Give the guy great satisfaction by choosing something fashionable and somewhat revealing, but not too much.

Make Him Feel A Sense Of Need-

It’s more important that he feels more need for you than you for him. That way you can exercise your power. Whenever he’s feeling down and out, and is in need of support, you can be there to lift his spirits and cheer him up. The more difficulties he’s going through the more he will need your support to help him through those times. This will prove how valuable you are when you are always there to make him happy.

Be Good An Expert Communicator-

A lot of girls are great listeners, mainly because they aren’t very strong speakers. It is just easier for them to agree with everything the guy says, and compliment and acknowledge everything he says. This type of girl is easily noticeable and isn’t respected for being very intelligible or self-confident. Don’t just be good at listening. Speak your mind and take pride in what you believe in. Speak to your boyfriend in a way that is articulate and overpowering, so that you draw his full interest and respect. He won’t just look at you as a pretty face, you will be an authoritative figure in his life, and what’s more sexy than that!

Be Straight Up-

There are some people who never get what they want, because they go through life hoping that things will go their way. They hope the weather will get better, or hope they will win the lottery. Hey, hoping is fine, but if you really want him, be persistent and call him, tell him what you want. Go to his house and have some courage.

Make Laughter A Big Part Of The Relationship-

Get him to see you more regularly, by telling him that’s exactly what you want. But do it in a joking way. You don’t want to sound too serious, and controlling about it. Don’t say “Where have you been?, why didn’t you call me?” Sounding all serious and worried. Be funny about it. Say ‘I do live in the same zip code as you, the last time I checked, we were located in the same city. You don’t have to be shy about coming to visit sometimes…” Something like that, that makes the point, but isn’t too direct.

Source by Ellen Lapointe

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