How to Get a Girls Number Without Asking

Getting a girls number is the first step to getting to see her again.

In the old days, when a man wanted to court a chick he might decide to ‘write her’ or make a formal call. In those days the first thing a gentleman would need is the ladies home address. Imagine asking a girl these days “hey, great to meet you, can I have your address?” Talk about risky.

Luckily things are a lot less formal these days. Thank god all you need to ask for these days is her number. What makes it even easier these days is that once you have a girls number, in most cases it’s socially accepted to test the waters with a text message before calling.

But it’s not always easy to get a woman’s phone number. So how do you do it?

It’s not as risky as asking for her address, but most women are still pretty protective of their phone numbers! Getting her interested in you is important and so is getting her to trust you’re not a stalker/serial killer. But there are other ways to step-up your chances of getting her number which I will show you below.

Don’t just be another guy hitting on her

Don’t say or do the expected. A woman is used to being approached by guys, especially if she’s attractive. You don’t want to be “just another guy”. Avoid pick up lines and boring questions like what she does for a living.

Make great eye contact

It’s an easy thing to do but some guys go wrong here. You may just be nervous but if you don’t look a girl in the eyes you will seem untrustworthy. On the otherhand I don’t suggest an unwavering stare either, that can be creepy and unnerving A good tip is to alternate unselfconsciously between eye contact and watching her lips as she speaks. If you’re interested in what she has to say this shouldn’t be that unnatural.

How to get her phone number… without even asking!

Be interested and friendly… but not too available.

When you are having a conversation with this girl, by all means give her you’re full attention, engage her, spark her interest, but don’t stay too long. When the conversation is still going well say something like “It’s been great chatting but I better get back to my friends.” But as your walking away turn back as if it’s an afterthought, and say something like “Hey, do you have email?” This works like a charm, believe me! You could also ask for her email. It’s not her phone phone number but you may find she offers this instead. You could also just ask if she’s OK Facebook… who isn’t these days?

Ending the conversation while it’s still engaging will do two things: raise your status in her mind and give you an excuse to catch up another time.

Suggest you catch up another time

As you are apologising about leaving, mention how much you’ve enjoyed your conversation and how much fun it would be to continue it another day. If she doesn’t offer her number, ask “what would we need to do to continue this another time?” Note you are not asking for her phone phone number. She is the one offering her number, which later she will recollect and think, wow, I must like that guy, he didn’t even ask and I gave him my number.

Or you can just play dumb

Sometimes it’s not going to be practical to leave at that moment. You may be at a small gathering or with friends. In this case try to gauge something that interests her and arrange to do it together some time.

You could say

“Let’s do xxx together. I’ll call you”

To which she will reply, “But you don’t have my phone number!”

“Oh that’s right! (pull out a pen)Here’s my pen.”

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Source by Pippa Longworth

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