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How To Eat A Girl Out and Give Her Simultaneous Oral Orgasms

In this article, you’re going to learn how to eat a girl out like a sex god so you can give her extremely powerful and pleasurable orgasms before you ever penetrate her.

I have this website women come to every day and answer all different kinds of sex related questions. When I ask them “What’s the best way for a man to give you an orgasm?”… the number 2 response, is always oral sex.

Women love it just as much, probably even more than we do. I say probably more than us just because they can orgasm from it multiple times, and keep going… and they desperately want to!

So here’s a really simple way to eat a girl out that will give her massive pleasure and not only lead to multiple oral orgasms but if you do it right, can even give her simultaneous orgasms.

The first step of how to eat a girl out is proper foreplay. I’m not going to go into this here because that’s a whole other article. But you want to give her enough foreplay that by the time you reach her vagina, she’s already wet before you even touch her.

Step 2 – Don’t just dive right in!

You want to tease her before going down on her by stimulating the sensitive areas around her clit.

The insides of a woman’s thighs are extremely sensitive and by just lightly running your fingers over them, you can send shivers through her entire body.

When you’re about to lick your girl, never go directly for the clit. It’s highly sensitive and if it’s not wet before you touch it, you could actually hurt her.

So lightly lick her lips first. Lick her clitoral hood. Now once she’s ready for it, lift up the hood and begin stimulating her clitoris.

Start by licking it side to side, or up and down… try them both out and see by her reaction if she prefers one to the other. Once you’ve found a winner, Stick With It!

When it becomes obvious that she’s really into this, slide just one finger inside her (slowly) with your palm facing up. Bend your finger upward and feel around for a nickel sized area that kind of feels like a raspberry.

Never stop stimulating her clit with your tongue while you do this.

Once you’ve found that magic spot on the inside of her, keep making a “come hither” motion with your finger on it (as if you’re scratching it with the tip of your finger).

Now, here’s a “Next Level” technique in how to eat a girl out.

Place the palm of your other hand down on her pelvic bone (it’s just above her g-spot on the outside of her). So while you’re rubbing it on the inside with your finger, you’re also pressing it onto your finger and increasing the pressure.

You can keep licking her clit with your tongue, or lightly stack to suck on it.

Again, pay attention to her reactions and feedback and if you’re doing it right, she will orgasm quickly from this.

Advanced Tip – Once you’ve made her orgasm at least a few times from this technique, tell her to “hold onto” her orgasm until she’s about to have another from the other area that you’re stimulating.

Do this and you’ll give her a simultaneous orgasms from both her clitoris and g-spot at the same time!

This is how to eat a girl out and give her multiple (or even simultaneous) orgasms fast.

Source by Joey A Jay

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