How to Do the African Dance Move Azonto | Sexy Dance Moves

How to Do the African Dance Move Azonto | Sexy Dance Moves

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Hi, my name is Vick the Show…

And I’m LaShawna.

And today we’re going to teach you an exotic style of dance. This exotic dance that we’re going to teach you is…from West Africa. It’s called azonto, yeah? So, it’s a simple, groovy step, where we’re going to stay grounded in it. K? And basically, you want to have your legs going like this motion, right here. And in that, you’ll find pockets where you can thrust, and do that.

But the thrusting, trust me, it will come with the movement entirely. So the next thing I’m going to teach you, aside from the leg movement, is your hands. Your hands simply, you want to go here, here, here, here. Here, here, here, here. Now you can do it two ways. You can have your hands straight, you can have your hands a little bit more free and open. It’s totally up to you. Cool?

So we are going to lean to the left, open our legs, bring our legs in. Lean to the right, bring our legs in. Bring them to the left, in, then left again. And then we’re going to do the same thing over here. Right, in, left, in, right, in, right.

And that’s pretty much a basic understanding of how to do azonto-style dance. Yeah? So, me and LaShawna, is going to do a demonstration for you. K?

5, 6, 7, go, and a ah, ah, ah, ah. And a ah, ah, and a ah, ah. And then once you get into the groove of it, you can do your own style. Yeah?

And that is azonto-style dance. Yeah?


39 thoughts on “How to Do the African Dance Move Azonto | Sexy Dance Moves”

  1. I wish people who say this isn't the correct way to perform this move would post videos showing how to do it. When all you have available to learn stuff like this is YouTube, the more examples to follow the better. Just SAYING the guy doesn't do it right does nothing… least elaborate.

    What is he doing incorrectly?
    Why is what he's doing incorrect? Too slow, too fast, not enough spin for example?
    What should he do to improve and HOW do YOU move when performing this move?

    C'mon Youtubers! Help a dancer out!!!

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