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How to Do Oral Sex to a Woman and Make Her Scream Your Name for More

Since you have found this article, I guess you are searching for information on how to do oral sex. One thing I can tell you, you are on the right track. In this article I am going to give tips that would change the way you were seeing cunnilingus till now. I’ll give you the tips to make your woman go crazy and give her pleasure she never dreamed of.

I know you want her screaming your name when you are down there. I know you want to see and feel her shaking. I know you want to be the best she’s ever had. In order to turn all these into reality, you need to pay attention. You don’t have to really do much but you need to do them the right way, to be relaxed and to take your time.

OK then, let’s get to the point. Step one and possibly the most important. Get into the mindset of the great, passionate and slow lover. Take your time (said that before!). Men tend to be in a hurry while in the bedroom. I don t know why but many people think that the faster you bring your woman into climax, the better. Wrong! You need to be relaxed, just like any real man would be. Don’t get too excited. Take control and go slow. The slower you go the more pleasure and more orgasms for her.

Step two. By now, you should be relaxed and cool like a proper man, otherwise go back to step one and stay there till you make it (come on, it’s not that hard, have you seen James Bond? Even saw him in a hurry??). It’s now time to use your mouth. Yeah you heard me right, your mouth and not your tongue. You should be using your mouth 70% and your tongue 30%. Don’t just lick her but suck her, kiss her and blow her. Your mouth has so much more potential that your tongue alone, the way it would stimulate her cannot be compared to what you could have done using you tongue alone. In a few words, you were used to use your tongue right? Now use all your weapons, make her shout your name!

Step three. Penetrate her. When you finally get her very aroused (and believe me you would be able to tell) you could start using a sex toy to penetrate her (if you don’t have a toy you could use your fingers, one at a time, but I insist on buying a toy since the pleasure would be much higher). One piece of advice though, not all women like that kind of penetration. When she’s very aroused try to use your toy slowly at first to see if she likes it or not. If she rejects it give it a try later, if she rejects it again you can tell for sure that she doesn’t like it. After you finish oral sex, ask her about it. It’s always advisable to ask and learn.

Use the above tips with caution, cause by the end of the night all the men in her past would be history. You are about to become her prince, her sexual hero.

Source by Mike J Harrison

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