How to Do a Split Squat | Sexy Legs Workout

How to Do a Split Squat | Sexy Legs Workout

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A great toning exercise is a split squat or you can call it a lunge. So basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to alternate legs, but you’re going to keep your shoulders back, stand straight up tall and you’re going to lunge forward. Okay? So when you come down, you’re going to lunge down, you’re going to keep your back flat, shoulders back, you’re going to think ninety degrees with your knees so you never want this knee to come forward past your toe. You never want to be like this. You want to make sure that your back leg, you sit down into it, and that’s a ninety degree also. A lot of people they either bring their leg in to close.

They are like this. Then your knee comes forward and you’re not getting the good extension there. So basically you want to make sure, shoulders are back, sit down into that leg, ninety degrees, your knee is not going past your toe and alternate. So same thing. And with your arms, you can either put them behind your head, on your hips, whatever feels most comfortable, but think ninety degrees with your knees. Don’t lean forward, you want to sit back, shoulders back, and alternate. You want to do about twenty reps which is ten on each side, alternating. Do two to three sets and you’re definitely going to feel a burn. This is great for your quads, your hamstrings, and your glutes. This is one of the best exercises for those muscle groups. And there you go, a great toning exercise is a split squat.


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  1. Excuse me, but wouldn't that be a rear lunge? I thought with the split squat, you don't make step back (or forward), but your legs stay at the same (split) position throughout the exercise?

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