How To Dance With A Girl In A Club | How To Grind With The Wrap (Partnering)

How To Dance With A Girl In A Club | How To Grind With The Wrap (Partnering)

For the full partnering programs on How To Dance With A Girl, visit http:/ on Digital Download. The Wrap is an easy way to get behind a girl and start grinding. It’s simple to do, really sexy, and lots of fun. From behind, there are many grinding moves you can do, which are covered on the Club Dance Partnering Level 1: Attraction.

Club Dance Partnering dance moves creates movement on the dance floor and breaks the typical boring routine guys and girls

Some music provided by (intro, advanced rhythm, and end teaser). Produced by Ray Johnson and Team Green.


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27 thoughts on “How To Dance With A Girl In A Club | How To Grind With The Wrap (Partnering)”

  1. Loll,Nicely done there, First time ive made ''The wrap', I imagined a way to begin to grind from front to behind and never imagined there was some videos about it :D,Nicely done anywayy, continu this way ! 😀 Ending is intresting too

  2. hahaha, there's lots of things you can do when you're behind a girl 🙂
    it's actually a really nice turn, but u have to know what you're allowed to do with her "from behind" !

  3. how do you do that move when the grl ur trying to dance with is tall as fuck and by the way i think u should make a video of all the clubs u go to and try coming to some clubs up.. or down in dc like ultra bar its fun as shit and it would be really cool to have somebody that actually knows how to dance there..

  4. Don't just stand behind a girl doing the same movements all night!! Put some variety into your dance routine. Girls get bored if your just standing behind them with your hands on her hips doing nothing. Spin her around and do some front grinding(if she is comfortable) or salsa moves.

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