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How to Be a Phone Seducer – Make Her Fall For You Over the Phone

Guys always try to score girls’ phone numbers whenever they are at a party. However, not every guy has the proper tactics to convince girls to do so.

Getting phone numbers would only be the beginning of something that could be potentially good, though, so try not to celebrate right away if you succeed at getting what you want. The next step would involve making a connection over the phone to get a girl to go on a date with you. This is quite easy; you simply need to know when and how to call. Keep reading for several helpful tips on calling a girl.

3 Steps on How to Get Girls to Find You Irresistible Over the Phone

Step 1: The minute you start talking to a girl, try to make her laugh by being funny. Laughter will relax any girl and make her excited about speaking to you. The only thing you need to avoid over the phone would be making girls feel bored. Crack jokes or recall funny things that might have happened on the night that you met. If done properly, you will come across as an incredibly charming guy.

Step 2: Start conversations by telling a story to make the conversation much more interesting. Telling stories could be the ideal way to avoid any awkward silences. It would be even better if you can end them with a cliffhanger to make her look forward to seeing you again.

Step 3: If you want to find a great way to make girls feel emotions for you, you should give hypnosis a try. One hypnotic method to use when talking to girls would be fractionation. In just 15 minutes, you can send a girl on a rollercoaster of emotions where she won’t be able to tell that you are trying to hypnotize her. She will merely feel like she is falling for you even more the more you talk.

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