how to avoid Medications side effects/how to prevent medication errors/dawa k side affect sy bachao

how to avoid Medications side effects/how to prevent medication errors/dawa k side affect sy bachao

how to avoid Medications side effects | how to prevent medication errors دوا کے سائیڈافیکٹ سے کیسے بچیں

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When your doctor prescribes a new medicine, ask about common side effects.

“You, your doctor, and your pharmacist should be working together so everyone has the same information,” Owen says. “You should know which side effects are serious, which ones will go away on their own, and which ones can be prevented.”

Once you start taking a drug, mention any unexpected symptoms to your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible. This includes changes in your sex life, Liu says, which many patients are embarrassed or afraid to talk about.

Some side effects go away over time as your body gets used to a new drug, so your doctor may recommend you stick with your current plan for a little longer. In other cases, you may be able to lower your dose, try a different drug, or add another one, like an anti-nausea medicine, to your routine.

Why Medicine Causes Side Effects

Almost all pharmaceutical medications are treated like a foreign substance by the body. This is because they contain ingredients that don’t translate well to our cells. You wouldn’t go to France and try speaking Swahili to everyone you meet, yet we expect our bodies to be more than multi-lingual! Have you ever tried to learn a new language? It isn’t that easy. It takes time. Medicines have side effects because it is the body’s way of saying, “Does not compute!”

The substances simply won’t translate no matter what a good linguist your body becomes. There are proteins and amino acids, cellular metabolism, and other functions which are already perfect in their design. When we add substances which weren’t meant to be in our bodies in the first place – whether environmental toxins, or pharmaceutical ones – the body tries to expel them.

The chemicals in many drugs cause an interference in the way our bodies communicate internally. Our bodies often use the same chemical to regulate more than one process. This means that a medicine may retune not only the desired target but also others that don’t need readjustment. This is why your cold medicine can cause a heart attack and your antidepressant can give you diarrhea. Not much fun.

In contrast, natural remedies which work with the body’s innate intelligence, and don’t interrupt its communication, don’t cause side effects as often. This is because these compounds more closely resemble our body’s own constituents, and they speak the same language. Parlez vous France’?ik officialwhy medicines have side effects, why medicine cause side effects, side effects of medicine, why does medicine have side effects, medicine, side effects, side effects medicine, medicine side effect, side effects of, medicine side effects, side effects of drugs, medications, medicines, why drugs have side effects, why do medicine have side effects, side effects of medications, ted ed, ted, health chronicle, ted-ed, ted education, health, tips, animation, animated, 2d animation


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