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How to Attract Any Woman With Only Words – Using Three Killer Conversational Seduction Tactics

If you are scared of speaking to women, there will be no chance whatsoever of you ever getting with them – that is the simple truth. The truth is: men who aren’t great with women happen to be horrible conversationalists. They do not succeed with women due to the fact that they don’t make an effort in improving their conversational skills. Here are three guaranteed ways to mesmerize women with mere words.

How To Attract Any Woman With Only Words – Using Three Killer Conversational Seduction Tactics

Method Number One: Pickup Lines. Invent several personal lines that you can put to use within different scenarios. They don’t have to be special or anything – simple conversation starters will suffice. What you would want to do is always have topics of conversation to use when you meet a pretty woman.

The secret to delivering these pickup lines would be to appear spontaneous. Appear as natural as possible and no one will be able to tell that they were rehearsed. Try it out.

Method Number One: Barry White. Men with low voice tones are seen to be much sexier in the eyes of women. Therefore, this would be something that you could fix fairly fast. Begin to talk slower and lower. This will improve your overall conversational skills when it comes to women and instantly give you a manlier look. On the flip side, squeaking and blabbering will send you on the road to hell.

Method Number Three: Fractionation. There is a method derived from covert seduction tactics that is possible the most effective technique to use when it comes to seducing women through powerful words.

Expert seducers have put fractionation to use in order to seduce women. In fact, this can make them jump into bed with you in less than 15 minutes! Highly effective stuff indeed! However, this technique is very controversial, so make use of this tactic responsibly.

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