How She Became A Wild West Legend | Josephine Earp

How She Became A Wild West Legend | Josephine Earp

Welcome to Forgotten Lives! In today’s episode we are looking into the life of Josephine Earp, the common-law wife of the famed lawman and gambler Wyatt Earp!

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27 thoughts on “How She Became A Wild West Legend | Josephine Earp”

  1. In the book by one of the Earp wives (one of the other brothers' wife) reality is that he was a mean, hateful, and conniving bandit and Josie got fed up with his crap and dumped him like hot garbage soon after they left Tombstone.

  2. Why did she go to Panama before going to San Francisco? You made it seem like she did that by ship. Before 1914, by ship, they had to travel down to the tip of Chile to get to the other side. Just wondering why Panama if you’re on a ship.

  3. That's not her. It was popular picture at time. I don't believe Earp ever legally married any wives they were all common law. Docs anti semite remarks about Josie ended his friendship with Wyatt. He died alone and Wyatt never wrote a book about him.

  4. Man! Clicking on this link and Immediately hearing Brief Case doing the narration. I felt like i won the the lottery. I hope this does mean that Forgotten Lives will be narrating one of your videos in the near future as well. Those are equally a treat.

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