How Call of the Night Seduces You

How Call of the Night Seduces You

Kou Yamori can’t sleep, doesn’t want to go to school, and spends most of his nights with vampire Nazuna Nanakusa. For Kou, the night is exciting, mysterious, and worth protecting. Call of the Night’s anime and manga are a visually stunning trip through your own hometown transformed by the night and intoxicating to those who shy away from the day-to-day.


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0:00 Intro: Creepy Nuts Led Me Here
0:31 Part 1: A Good Setting is Hard to Find
3:55 Part 2: Music Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
7:30 Part 3: Everything is More Beautiful at Night
11:14 Part 4: The Call of the Night is Worth Answering

Daten – Creepy Nuts
Life Goes On – Persona 5
Pink Soldiers – Squid Game
The Crows – Death’s Door
Butterfly Kiss – Persona 5
Camping Night – Persona 5 Strikers
Memories of School – Persona 3


2 thoughts on “How Call of the Night Seduces You”

  1. Wonderfully done! You got me interested in this show. I’m a night shifter and even before then I found myself taking long walks around my city late at night. The aesthetics and music of this series, pretty much nailed what I enjoyed about the night. And your commentary on how important setting and sound is. 👌🏽 excellent work man! Keep at it!!

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