Hijabi girl becomes professional wrestler in Malaysia

Breaking down religious, social and gender barriers, Malaysia’s Nor Diana has become a professional wrestler. The 23-year-old wrestler, who wears a hijab, is a source of inspiration for women all around the world.

The professional wrestler is also known as “The Phoenix” due to her enthusiasm and passion as she has paved the way for aspiring women wrestlers. 

In a sports which is male dominated and usually entertains men spearheading their way into the arena with their spectacular moves, Diana carved a niche for herself without letting any obstacle demoralise her.

The hijab-wearing fierce fighter is dominating the Malaysian wrestling scene with her charisma and dimunitive height, as she is only 5 feet tall. 

Diana sits atop the list when it comes to winning not only against women wrestlers but also men twice her size and weight.

Being Malaysia’s only full-time woman wrestler, Diana is an icon in the Malaysia-based APAC Wrestling arena.

In a world where the general notion says that sports can be daunting for women, Diana believed otherwise. She started training for wrestling in 2015, embarking on her debut just a few months later. The “Phoenix” has been able to tackle and tap out every hindrance with her family’s support.

On Diana’s professional front, the dimunitive tigress tackled the Australian woman wrestler — Steph De Lander — to secure the women’s champion belt in a two-day tournament hosted by APAC Wrestling.

Diana also faced four men wrestlers, and secured Malaysia’s Pro Wrestling Wrestlecon Championship.

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