Harry Potter Earrings | Mail Time

Harry Potter Earrings | Mail Time

✷ ✷ ✷ Tessa Netting here with another mail time video featuring HARRY POTTER EARRINGS from you guys! ⬇ read more below ⬇

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✷ Shout Out to all my starfish who sent me some mail! Love you! And thank you Adam for helping me edit this video!
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43 thoughts on “Harry Potter Earrings | Mail Time”

  1. I'm a slitherin and I don't like when people say I'm evil so I figure out what house they are in and say
    Hufflepuff: ah the rejects
    Ravenclaw: a what
    Gryffindor: a good guy/gal

  2. First I was a muggle,
    Blind as can be.
    Then I stubbled on your channel,
    And started to geek with me.
    I wanted to receive my letter,
    When I turned a decade and one,
    But three years later,
    This is good enough

  3. omg… I'm the one who sent the letter at 3:36 and I really don't know how I didn't see that before today! I used to watch you all the time when I was 15 and I just came back across your youtube channel today and I remembered that I sent you a letter and had to come and see if you ever put it in a video. This made me cry! I was only 15 when I sent that and it meant the world to me as I was in the darkest time of my life. I'm 19 now and a freshman (I spelled it right this time) in college. I had to call my mom and tell her about this and she told me she remembers me sending this letter and how happy I was. I just wanted to thank you so much for making me so happy at that time in my life and sorry I haven't watched your videos since 2015. I think to find this was a blessing to really reflect on that time and see how much I've grown since then so if you see this, thank you so much for including my super cringy letter.

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