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Genre: Comedy
Rating: R for strong crude sexual content, drug use, graphic nudity and language throughout
U.S. Release Date: September 4 (Digital and On Demand)
Run Time: 84 Minutes

Cast: Pauly Shore (Randy Cockfield), Mike Castle (Blake Renner), Aimee Teegarden (Sarah Masters), Billy Zane (Douglas Masters), Steve-O (Shredd), Charlotte McKinney (Jenny), Erik Griffin (Officer Ford), Felipe Esparza (Father Jeff), Bobby Lee (Benny)

Directed by: Sam Macaroni
Written by: Sam Macaroni & Sean Bishop & Troy Duffy
Produced by: Sam Macaroni, Scott Clayton, and Tara L. Craig
Executive Producers: Sasan Rahmani, Sean Rothsey, Troy Duffy, Pauly Shore, Gary A. Hirsch
Associate Producer: Ana Lydia Monaco
Director of Photography: Thor Wixom
Production Designer: Shannon Kemp
Edited by: Laurence Cohen, Miles Barken
Costume Designer: Laura Cristina Ortiz
Music by: Tim Montijo
Casting by: Donald Paul Pemrick, CSA and Dean E. Fronk, CSA
Art Direction by: Anton Tremblay

Pauly Shore and Steve-O kick this outrageous, raunchy comedy into high gear. When engaged couple Sarah (Aimee Teegarden) and Blake (Mike Castle) buy their dream home, there’s a catch: a party animal named Randy (Shore) in the guest house who refuses to leave! When Randy throws a wild, sexy pool party, the cops show up — and Blake gets arrested. Can he and Sarah get through their backyard wedding without a certain loser crashing the party…and ruining their marriage? Also starring Chris Kattan (A Night at the Roxbury), Bobby Lee (“MADtv”), Erik Griffin (Murder Mystery), and more!


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