Group caught trashing Biscayne National Park, authorities investigating

Group caught trashing Biscayne National Park, authorities investigating

Cell phone video from this past Sunday on an island in Biscayne National Park shows a group of litterbugs trashing the protected site after a day of partying on their boats and jet skis.


49 thoughts on “Group caught trashing Biscayne National Park, authorities investigating”

  1. What is wrong with these people??? Why would someone want to trash a place they hang out at? How does that make any sense?? Or they are just so freakin selfish thinking other people just clean up for them. I just hope WPLG does a follow-up story and not just leave us hanging with this. Throw the book at these MF's…

  2. Gorgeous little island constantly misused by camping, camp fires, cutting mangroves, and now throwing trash. It's dangerous to swim due to broken corona bottles in the shallow water. Needs to be declared a bird sanctuary and prohibit from going on the island. It sucks for those who actually care and know how to enjoy it without ruining it.

  3. they look like a bunch of rich nasty peoples,like the ones I was told about by people who have worked as maids and butler’s in their households,they are rich but nasty and filthy as hell.

  4. Sick litterbugs! We need to swatt them. Bugs are so annoying and disgusting. Imagine there cars and homes how nasty those swatty bugs are. Parasites. I loved that he was playing Bob Marley’s son Damian music

  5. They should remove those people boat completely for good and they should get a big really big ticket for it. Everyone who does this type of things should get a really big ticket of their life.

  6. Seize the boats used to take the trash to the island. Then seize the trucks that pulled the boats to the water, and finally seize their freedom for not respecting the land and water

  7. Everything humans touched they destroy look at what's happening to the planet Mars leave it all of our garbage up there NASA you ought to be ashamed of yourself leaving all your crap and garbage up there how you going to clean that stuff up then you are the same people that you know virtue signal and chastise we Earthlings for messing up the environment when your hypocritical doing the same thing shame on you NASA

  8. Seems to me,that these days,when robbers,muggers,rapers..even murderers…nearly forgot drug/people smugglers..(what a sad list)…get let off without even a slapped wrist,NOTHING will happen to litterbugs.Personaly,i would whip them in public then make them lick up the mess.Sorry wokesters.

  9. They are obviously Democrats, they leave tons of garbage at their peaceful protests and conservatives pick up their trash and leave the place clean after their rallies. And Democrats are stingy like Socialists who think the gov will take care of everything while conservatives are generous giving people

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