Great to be me // Anna Akana

Great to be me // Anna Akana

Thank you:
William Akana –
Chloe Mae Loop –
Kaja Martin –
Claudia Restrepo –

In collaboration with Cast & Crew Call


For all of you screaming about the clothes, they’re from here:

Black Milk Clothing


Cat & Bot Jewelry


24 thoughts on “Great to be me // Anna Akana”

  1. at the end of the day who else you gonna be but yourself. so when your lying in bed and your about to slide it to your honey bunches of oats and she's thinking omg he's gonna wanna do me if he only was adequetly endowed and had a hint of rythum it be alright but all he does is make me smell, DAMN IT TO HELL!!!! and me while rolling on top of her I'm thinking it don't get no better than this. its good to be me, for now.

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