Grace Helbig, Mythical Creatures, and A**hole Teachers - #TableTalk

Grace Helbig, Mythical Creatures, and A**hole Teachers – #TableTalk

Join us for another morning chat as the crew remembers their favorite and not-so-favorite teachers. Also nicknames, that’s a thing.
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46 thoughts on “Grace Helbig, Mythical Creatures, and A**hole Teachers – #TableTalk”

  1. I disagree sooo much about the standardized testing…. It's probably changed so between when you took tests and I am now, because tests are so difficult now. The tests now are just stupid. They have no point. They're trying to pay teachers according to students test scores. Think about that and tell me that testing is okay.

  2. No offence to all Megan's out there (or Meghan or however you spell it), but an ex best friend has made all Megan's my Chris. Sorry, but I always cringe when I hear that name. Long story short, I can't believe I was ever friends with her… If not then I wouldn't have gotten hurt…

  3. I was finally starting to accept Maude and Bree but right after I watched this I realized that they are NOTHING compared to Meg and Lee and Joe and Ross and Elliott or any of the host that came before them (even Matt and Reina). I don't think I can watch another new table talk anymore the w/o thinking about how much better the old hosts are compared to those of now

  4. Worst teacher for me: I was doing a project where I had to sell this tanning solution to the class (our sales tactic was before/after shots) and the after picture was Morgan Freeman. I got bawled out in front of my class and the teacher shouted at me, calling me racist and close minded and all sorts of nasty stuff. So I completely degraded her in the next essay, commenting on my surprise that a woman with such low brain capacity actually was hired as a teacher.

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