girl defined’s book is worse than i feared

girl defined’s book is worse than i feared


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45 thoughts on “girl defined’s book is worse than i feared”

  1. And they also have published other books:
    • "Love Defined: Embracing God's Vision for Lasting Love and Satisfying Relationships" (2018)
    • "Sex, Purity, and the longings of a Girl's Heart: Discovering the Beauty and Freedom of God-Defined Sexuality" (2019)
    • "Shine Bright: 60 Days to Becoming a Girl Defined by God" (2021)
    • "Not Part of the Plan: Trusting God with the Twists and Turns of Your Story" (2021)

  2. Them blaming women for everything is so not right also what's wrong with being a party girl nothing wrong with it the fact that they don't know that expressing your femininity in different ways not just the trad wife ways is honestly naive way of thinking like 4 year old little girl also they talk about how girls should not be told to fit in a certain box that does not suite their wants but they instead do just that tell women how to live and dragging them down for it is sad like you are not helping women feel better about themselves you make them feel like shit Becky

    Also models are beautiful they got their rights to express themselves how they want but for themselves not for the male gaze so I feel the same way as you do in this video explaining it well that sometimes models are told what to eat or what not to and everything else in order to appeal more attractive to people instead of accepting more body positively on plus sized models instead they are feed crap by the community that they are not beautiful enough which is upsetting but also heartbreaking and why are we told as women that we need to feel more beautiful for men when we women can look beautifully pretty within ourself for ourself instead.

  3. Girl Defined and the opinions they present are terrible, but what I remember them for is how God is grey reached out to them and offered support when the whole internet was bullying them only for them to turn around and call her a "fake Christian" at their conference. Kristen and Bethany aren't just two women with weirdly pushy opinions, they're malicious, backstabbing, and all around awful people.

  4. 26:42 This honestly makes me really worried about them and all their female subscribers. I remember that in one of their videos one of them (I can't remember which of them) asked why she should still be married to her husband if women really deserved happiness. If I'm not mistaken, she tried to use this as an argument as to why women shouldn't search for happiness, because being a traditional, christian wife is apperantly more important than being happy. The bible never said that women deserve to be happy, therefore we shouldn't look for happiness.

    She literally admitted that she doesn't want to be married to her husband and that "following the bible" isn't what she wants and she didn't even realize. At this point it just looks like they're suffering from Stockholm-Syndrome. It's so sad.

  5. "you make god sound like such a d*ck" are words that should be written on the first page of every holy book because humans really interpret their god in ways that don't sound very godlike

  6. "That's not an original thought." I'm afraid that's asking too much from Girl Defined.

    I suspected Bethany had some sort of ambition… and it's unfortunate that she was made to feel guilty about it. Especially since she's taken that drive and, instead of turning it toward something useful, has decided to grift.

  7. love that girl defined is blantatly ignoring that Marilyn Monroe partially DID find fulfilment in religion – it just wasn't their religion! Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism!

  8. btw i saw the ad for this book and the section about marilyn seems also kind of antisemitic? monroe most likely convereted to judaism in her adult years and and promoting christian ideals while blaming a death of a judaist woman on her 'mindset' is terrible

  9. I understand your point about Marilyn Monroe but I kind of feel like it's insulting to act like adult woman's choices aren't her own fault. She wanted to be famous, she wanted better roles, she worked hard and wanted more out of life. Society didn't make her do that, Society actively mocked her for it. She was used but that was the life of every celebrity back then and she actively choose to do it cuz she wanted to do more with her life.

  10. savannah pls dont use insane as an insult or shit like that :') its ableist and just hh you could say like "thats rewriting her history" like say what theyre actually doing instead of scapegoating mental illness pls

  11. "women have all these pressures, and body image issues "

    Yeah totally.

    "But it's because they're dumb and choose to."

    No. No. Sweety. No. So close, yet so far. Lol😂

  12. "Women are so dumb for letting culture define them." -them

    "They should be defined by my culture and do exactly what they tell us to do at church." -also them

    Can't facepalm hard enough for these stupid ladies. Thank God they don't plan on working after marriage. They're not getting far with those brains.

  13. Thank you as well when you mention that some gross creeps out there will view bodies sexual when bodies are not so we women were told even little girls through out schools that we should cover up when in reality we don't have to also the double standard thing is annoying as hell too when boys are told to show off skin but not girls is too much for me too handle that it makes me angry and yes those same people that tell us women to cover up are most likely to victim blame women when an assault happens it's always questions like but hunny what were you wearing instead of making the man take responsibility for the action he has done and the trama that the victim has to now endure. also I blame the schools too that kept enabling those behavior on to boys with boys will be boys it's not your fault it's hers is extremely sickening that there are actual people that have a very perversed mind on how they view women's bodies and women in general as not human and to put all the responsibility onto her for a man's bad action has to change.

  14. They talk about the huge, changing, damaging checklist that women must abide by, and their solution is… a different huge, changing, damaging checklist that women must abide by, rather than encouraging destroying the checklist altogether

  15. I’m only 7 minutes in but these two woman who wrote that are the same to shame me for being fat, immodest and dressing alt. like how can you say the beauty standards are a problem and then turn around and hate me for not fitting yours…

  16. I was looking through their blog and came across a post titled Same-Sex Attraction and the Christian Girl as well as many other really weird posts it's just wow not good

  17. What makes me really bad is that girl defined recognise that pushing social norms on how women should be is bad because these standards are unattainable and then they talk so much about purity and their specific version of biblical femininity as the "right way" to be a woman instead of recognising that nothing will work for every single person.
    A happy fulfilling life will look different for everyone and that's okay. If following traditional gender roles makes you happy go for it but don't try to force it on everyone

  18. Sometimes I think fundie women like Girl Defined are so into the "Christianity vs. 'the culture'" narrative that they completely miss the irony that they're doing the same "the culture" is doing with beauty standards, only from a "Christian perspective"

  19. Crap like this is why my dad is stuck in a blizzard right now. Literally we’re in upstate New York right now and my dad is driving up, he has all of our Christmas gifts. And yesterday my mom said “go up through Virginia, it’s longer but you’ll get stuck if you go the other way” and my dad was like “I’m not gonna listen to you, the woman who I’ve been married to for over 20 years and who has much more experience with snow and ice than I, someone who grew up in the south! That’s stupid!” And now he’s stuck in a blizzard.

  20. The fact that I have the same name as one of those girls makes me wanna vomit. Never in my life do I hear my own name and wanna vomit but girl defined has done it. brb I'm gonna vomit 🤮🤮

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